Ziqitza Healthcare initiates FRT programme

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Nov 2018 10:41:54


Staff Reporter,

Ziqitza Healthcare Company initiates First Responder Training Programme to train layman to medical experts about primary health services. Its main aim is to ensure that emergency care can be given as early as possible.
Jitendra Sharma, Project Head Ziqitza Health Care Company while talking to ‘The Hitavada’ said that apart from giving emergency Medical Services to the people national research and development team has also introduced number of medical training programmes for the people.

These progarmmes aims to train every next person to deal with any unforeseen emergencies so that emergency care may be imparted even before an ambulance reaches.
He said that it has seen that life and death is sometimes a matter of minute. Perhaps can save lives just by learning basic medical services.

He added that these FRT programmes were conducted in school, colleges, police training institutes, colonies, villages, tribal areas, ASHA Workers and other government as well as private organizations. He told that Ziqitza Healthcare has conducted 2595 First Responder Training Programme and around 223000 participants attended these training programmes so far.

Tarun Singh, Assistant Marketing Head of ZHL said that the First Responder Training Programme was initiated with the sole motive of training people about the basic medical
services. He said that the programme has received over 250 appreciation letters from different entities.
He said in this training porograme Ziqit-za Healthcare is training people about common information about 108, 104 and Janani scheme, common wound care techniques, basic life saving skills and other basic medical aids.

He said that students and other participants is also learning heart saver first aid programme so that they can even save people suffering cardiac arrest and other heart ailment if possible. He added that the ZHL is saving lakhs of lives from last two years and it has started various services to save as many lives as possible.