Escalating Happiness

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Nov 2018 14:50:11


Mom, what do they get by doing this? The child asked her mother. Mom was speechless...What could she say....The little girl was scared at the sight of smoke that surrounded their otherwise bright verandah... “How can they enjoy bursting firecrackers, Ma!! They are so costly and cause so much harm.” 

“It’s not about the cost dear. Neither about harm. It’s about the thought of being happy that makes us happy.” The mother explained.

Rightly said. We are so involved into this fake world that we try to find happiness in things that actually don’t make us happy. We try to clean our homes weeks before Diwali just to ensure positivity in our homes. But what about the bitter feelings that you have been keeping since so many days? What about the purity of thoughts ? Before cleaning our homes it would be better if we clean our thoughts, our feelings. Buying new clothes and random stuff would definitely bring smiles on our faces, but helping the poor and getting them their needs would surely bring happiness in our hearts!!!!

Diwali isn’t about bursting firecrackers, it is about burning negativity. Firecrackers signify the spark to stay alive, the way to outshine others by burning thyself. Just as the way it astonishes others by its act, it inspires us to make the world notice our acts. It encourages us to make the world smile and sparkle. It symbolises the need to fly high and reach the sky.

Diwali is not about buying new stuff. It is about introducing new smiles.It is easy to make your own family smile but making a stranger smile would definitely make your day.
It is about buying happiness. The day should not be wasted in counting the number of gifts one receives but it should be utilised on counting the smiles you achieve. Rather than visiting shops, visit homes, orphanages and old age homes. Decorating homes is much easier than decorating lives. Spend a day living with people in trouble try to sort out their issues. The contentment that you will achieve on doing so will be much greater than the satisfaction of a well-decorated home.

Diwali is not about materialistic happiness., it is about enlightening souls and ensuring glee. Use festivals to create happiness, joy, laughter by doing gestures that would really make the world a better place to live in!!!




Harsha Ashok Menda
BE 2nd Year (CSE )
Jhulelal Institute of Technology