Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Nov 2018 12:25:36











UNITED Nations Environment chief Mr. Erik Solheim has said that when India has been successful in eradicating diseases like polio and other health emergencies, there is no reason why the country cannot control air pollution. This is a hypothetical wish. The situation is such that, especially in the Northern states led by national capital Delhi, it has turned into a grave health emergency. This calls for concerted and immediate solutions and not piecemeal efforts. Immediate steps are needed to meet this emergency so that the people of Delhi and neighbouring states begin to breathe healthy, fresh air and not the prevailing life-threatening air. It is no use blaming only the burning of crop stubble or bursting of firecrackers during festive seasons. The approach has to be a comprehensive one and if the steps appear to be uncomfortable for some sections of the society so it be. But the situation demands harsh steps to tide over what Mr. Solheim describes as health emergency. That several countries suffer from this malaise means it calls for global action.



THE dark side of the fast-growing digital world is its vulnerability to cyber crime, whose perpetrators work on a devoted mode to devise newer systems to breach businesses and steal important data. On the target of cyber criminals is the fast-digitising India, whose systems are under constant cyber attacks. Cyber security firm F-Secure’s revelation of number of attacks on India is astounding. The country faced over 4.3 lakh cyber attacks from five countries including China, Russia and the United States. This is a huge number and points to the dangers ahead. F-Secure’s honeypot, set up explicitly to grab attention of attackers, has tracked most of the attack paths and the latest malware samples used to hack Indian firms’ data. The fact that the attacks are emanating from China and Russia assumes importance as India is set for its general elections in a few months’ time. Hacking of data was the primary bone of contention in the US Presidential elections. India must have a robust shield for its cyber security mechanism to prevent any meddling.