Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Nov 2018 12:26:58


By ashwajeet dive,

It always worked on a pretty simple theory. You fail to deliver and you're disapproved. You didn't meet the expectations and you're refused. Unless you choose to give your all, sooner or later, you're likely to be rejected irrespective of your profession. It's because you're not irreplaceable. No one is. You either accept this or you learn it the hard way. Everyone is good at something. But, what keep you from giving your best shot are your bad habits. And while people know some habits (like tardiness, absenteeism and workaholism) do affect them negatively, they usually don't realise how some of their common leanings distance them from success too. The present article aims at drawing your attention to such small tendencies that not only harm you but also stop you from doing what is right. Restricting it to workplace, there are at least seven such habits that you must give up, gradually or immediately. Here's the complete list:

Engaging in social networking
One good thing about social media is that it has made people more transparent. But, these social networking websites are quite tempting. Very few people succeed in getting enough of it. Once you access your account, you're likely to stay logged in. Moreover, they incite you to revisit should you manage to exit. When you use social media while working you disappoint both your company and your clients. Worst still, you waste precious time, apart from losing your focus. And hence, it is advisable to refrain from online socialising, particularly during the office hours.

Not meeting the deadlines
Not being able to meet the deadlines can lead to career failure. It's because it reveals who you really are. You're poor at managing time. You're unorganised, unaccountable and a bad planner. Besides, you're unprofessional. It doesn’t matter whether the task of yours is big or small it has to be completed on or before time. Whatever you do, it'll always be part of your job description. One of the characteristics of successful people is that they're always motivated. Nothing motivates you more than a close deadline. If deadlines don't motivate you, nothing will. Needless to say, you'll never be successful.

Knocking sense into fools
'Do not correct a fool, or he'll hate you; correct a wise man and he'll appreciate you.' Correcting a fool is like squaring a circle. For those of you who didn't follow, the task of squaring the circle was a problem proposed by ancient geometers, which was later proven to be impossible. It always ends in frustration when you try to do the undoable. The best way to deal with foolish people is to ignore them. They don't deserve your attention. You must not correct them at workplace, gatherings, social media platforms or anywhere else, for that matter.

Sharing your plans with everyone
It's not what you do that determines success; it's how you do that does. Success largely depends on how silently you work. Silence is golden. When you make people around you aware of what are you up to, chances are you'll not be able to do it. It's because letting everyone know was not the part of your plan, was it? The plan was to show them the results. But now that they know everything, you're under pressure of achieving the desired outcome. And this exhausts you mentally. You can't work in right frame of mind. In consequence, you delay the task, sometimes indefinitely.

No list of bad habits completes without the mention of procrastination. In fact, if they ever increase the number of deadly sins (from seven to say ten or eleven); it'll make it to that list too. Procrastination is by far the most damaging habit. Not only does it kill productivity, but it also steals time and makes you lose opportunities. You must not procrastinate. And if you feel you can't help procrastinating, you should probably consult a therapist, for the tendency may be chronic. Get rid of it now, or else it'll deteriorate you all the way through.

Saying 'Yes' always
Just because you're on friendly terms with someone, doesn't mean you have to accept each and every request of his/hers. If you don't feel like agreeing, you have the right to deny it. Yes, it's not easy to turn someone down, but you ought to learn to do it because it's necessary. Whatever is asked for doesn't fit into your schedule or maybe it's inappropriate. And that's enough reason for the denial. You're not required to give an explanation, so don't. You'll be hated momentarily. But, it's better than giving excuses or agreeing to it reluctantly. So don't hesitate to say 'No', thinking that they won't like it. You can't please everyone anyway.

Trying to do everything on your own
You cannot do everything on your own. You have to trust people to do their jobs. Their work might not be as perfect as you'd want, but you must make do with it if are to accomplish a certain thing. At times, you have to settle for things that could have been better, because in the end the only thing matters is whether or not you're done with the task. Mistakes and errors are unacceptable, imperfections are not. So, stop expecting people to be perfect. Embrace their flaws. If they haven't done it perfectly, that doesn't mean they did it wrongly.
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