The Statue of Unity!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Nov 2018 13:04:43


Pride of India, the Statue of Unity, was inaugurated and unveiled on October 31 as a mark of tribute to former Deputy Prime Minister of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It gives me a ray of hope that the country will do justice to the name of the new wonder of the world. This gift to the country is now the tallest sculpture all over the globe and is another matter of pride for India! 

The name, undoubtedly is beautiful, but I wonder whether the name be stand true and shine bright in practical life and in face of reality? The question still remains a question, after all. I wonder when this question will turn up in form of an answer!
What a day that would be when this country will unite and become one. When conflicts will come to an end and there won’t be any issue or an obstacle among the people of the nation and the world.

Just like the name suggests, I wonder when we Indians will implement this beauty of unity in our real life. Yet another year almost comes to an end and with elections round the corner, I wonder when the votes of people will be genuine, cast with a sense of righteousness and not blindness. It takes a great deal to lift up a nation, to do something that would be remembered for decades and more, so I wonder when will people learn the fact that it takes a huge amount of dedication and team work and more importantly, determination and will to do that ‘something special’.

The 3,000 workmen, who spent their time and energy for days, months and years, to create such a masterpiece, have set a true example of unity. A single man would have been incapable to complete the task, Without team work, this gift to the country would have never been one and thus, the name suggests the importance of unity and strength. I wonder when will there be peace among the nations in the world. I believe, there will come a day when silence would be worth listening to. The kind of silence that people of the world long to hear.



Anchal Bhatia
Std XII.