Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Nov 2018 12:36:44










UNITED Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s charge that the incumbent Government is trying to obliterate the legacy of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru is far-fetched, to say the least. Even if the allegation is taken for granted, Pt. Nehru’s legacy is an integral part of the nation’s great history and hence cannot be wiped out by any one. Obviously Mrs. Gandhi’s charge against the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government is to voice her protest against the decision to develop a memorial for all past Prime Ministers on the Trimurti Estate. Development of such a memorial to commemorate the contribution of those leaders cannot by any stretch of imagination be construed as a move to belittle Pt. Nehru or his legacy. Mrs. Gandhi’s charge against the Government has obvious political overtones and quite in tune with the current political environment in the country and therefore lacks any seriousness that such a subject should normally be invested with. The charge will pass as any other political rhetoric.


THE federal lawsuit filed by CNN against US President Mr. Donald Trump and his aides seeking restoration of its correspondent Mr. Jim Acosta’s access well and truly documents the chaos ruling the White House and its inhabitants. Mr. Acosta’s press pass was suspended last week for his refusal to surrender his mike during Mr. Trump’s press conference following mid-term results. Mr. Acosta had peppered the President with a barrage of questions which made Mr. Trump furious to the extent of charging CNN with peddling fake news. It was an angry and knee-jerk response from the US President which could have been easily avoided. However, more damaging was the subsequent action of revoking Mr. Acosta’s press pass over a distorted video. Mr. Trump’s detestation for media has only grown in the wake of intense scrutiny over his policies. Yet, instead of banning reporters, the POTUS can always exercise his right of remaining silent to pointed queries. CNN’s lawsuit will take its own legal course but a middle way out is still possible.