Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Nov 2018 12:40:17


THE winds coming from the Middle East are proving winds of despair for the fragile ecology of the Himalayas and consequently for India. The soot and dust blown from the Middle East and settling on the snow-capped Himalayan mountains are leading to quick melting of snows, causing warming of air thereby affecting India’s summer monsoon.

This is a very disconcerting news for India as it is the monsoon that provides sustenance to life in the country. Thus India will be paying very heavily for any activity taking place in other countries.  Another disconcerting piece of news is the report published by Climate Transparency. The report has painted a gloomy picture about India not being able to meet its Paris Agreement climate change commitments about containing emission of toxic gases. 

Though the Government is encouraging greater use of renewable sources of energy such as solar power, its other policies are not in tune with the need to limit global warming by 2o C. These are not very happy portends for the future. Urgent action is called for on curbing effects of of global warming.



FOR years together India’s name on world’s cue sports map has an overwhelming presence of 33-year-old Pankaj Advani. The Bengaluru cueist has been blazing the green baize in almost all formats of billiards with aplomb. His supremacy in cue sports was further proved by the 20th world title Advani bagged by winning the IBSF billiards in Yangon.

The ace cueist has remained the man to beat in the world of billiards and the thumping victory over NayThwayOo of Myanmar did his reputation no harm. Advani’s staggering tally of world titles confirms one thing, relentless pursuit of excellence, without bothering about lack of acknowledgement or applause, is the cornerstone of greatness.

Advani finds himself in the league where he is the silent flag-bearer of India’s cue sports, often plying his trade like an unsung hero. He has carried with élan the legacy created by the great Wilson Jones and nurtured by the likes of Michael Ferreira and later Geet Sethi. It is a feat that calls for a standing ovation for Advani.