Wedding bells for Additi Gupta 

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Nov 2018 10:00:08


Poplur actress Additi Gupta will be seen playing the role of Archana in Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2. In a candid chat she speaks about her debut experience.

Tell us something about your character

I am playing Archana who is an innocent yet confident girl. She is Veer’s love interest and will play a very important role in his life. I have loved every bit of playing Archana and one thing I love the most about my character is her wardrobe.

Did you see Kaal Bhairav Rahasya before being a part of this show?

No I have not watched the first part of Kaal Bhairav Rahasya, but I have heard a lot about the show. I am aware of the success and the audience that the first part had attracted and I am confident that part 2 will do equally good or even better.

There are rumours that you are getting married. How true is it?
Yes it is true that with God’s grace I am getting married.

What is the show about?

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 is a fiction show which questions one’s belief in myth and reality. The show reveals the enigma of a royal family of a fictitious village of Kanakgad in Madhya Pradesh that has been under the grips of a curse for the last 150 years and how it doesn’t let any heir live beyond the age of 30. The story revolves around Veervardhan, who is the next heir of the family and lives his life believing that his death is near. As he celebrates his 29th birthday his logical mind if full or questions to justify the death that he is approaching, which actions him into finding the deep hidden reality behind the curse. Is it God or a human who is playing the game of curse? To his luck Veer has a pillar of support, Archana which is played by me who is a gritty soul who believes in the power of love and God. The show will narrate the story of Archana and Veer’s struggle with destiny as the fateful day is near.

Do you believe in curse?

Personally I don’t believe in curse. I believe in God and that that he is keeping us protected and away from all the vices. Although I have always been intrigued by the concept of curse because this has been a long prevalent concept and there are a lot of people and families who have experienced it.