Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Nov 2018 14:11:29


VERSATILE senior actor Anupam Shyam will soon be seen on the TV space. Popular for his role of Sajjan Singh in Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya, the powerful performer will be seen entering Star Plus’ popular show Krishna Chali London. Excerpts: How does it feel to be back on television after 4 years? Television gave me the fame and recognition that I have today. As an actor I have explored both movies and TV shows, but the small screen is very close to my heart and making a comeback on it after 4 years felt overwhelming. I knew I had to do something path breaking and offer the viewers something new and meaningful in today’s context.

Bade Papa as a character is my never-seen-before avatar on television and I am really hoping that audiences enjoy watching my performance on screen. Tell us something about the show and your character, Bade Papa aka Lambodar Shukla. Krishna Chali London is a romantic story of a young couple – Radhey and Krishna. While Radhe strives to be a better husband to his wife, Krishna struggles to win against Bade Shukla and prove his wrong doings to the family. With Bade Papa aka Lambodar Shukla’s entry into the lives of Shukla family, Radhe and Krishna’s lives are about to take a turn.

There are a lot of elements to this character which makes it all the more interesting. Bade Papa aka Lambodar Shukla is a dark character who has a mysterious past.What makes him more lethal is that he is an extremely sweet talker on the face.

As he enters the house, he wins every heart including Krishna by pulling up Bade Shukla for all his misdeeds. He pretends to be a benign old man, a well-wisher of the house who is determined to overhaul family affairs and promote harmony in the house again. Shuklain knows about Bade Papa’s dark past where she has been wronged by him. Bade Papa who pretends to have a positive intention, in reality has mistreated Shuklain in the past and got away with it. He is here after 20 years to reclaim his house and his property.

What is new in this character of Bade Papa? My character on the show is unique in its own way and has something new and refreshing to offer to the audiences. Bade Papa has a lot of elements to him and is not an outright negative role. He is the biggest manipulator with a mysterious past. He symbolizes every other person who perceives women as weak and thinks that he possesses the right to dominate them and curb their voice. His past deeds of killing his own wife and misbehaving with women is a story that relates to everyone alike.

Bade Papa’s story holds a lot of relevance in today’s time as well. The story will have Krishna helping Shuklain as she has been wronged by Bade Papa. For more tune into Krishna Chali London, Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Star Plus.