3 cases of Zika virus detected in Madhya Pradesh

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Nov 2018 11:33:09


Staff Reporter,

After couple of places in country, Zika virus has made entry into Madhya Pradesh. Three Zika cases have been detected each in Bhopal, Sehore and Vidisha respectively.  Highly placed sources in Health Department on condition of anonymity confirmed that one case of Zika has been detected in Bhopal and one each in Vidisha and Sehore districts.
In the wake of this, Health Department has issued an advisory appealing people to take all the precautionary measures. Health Department has advised people to stay safe from mosquitoes. Also they have advised pregnant women to avoid risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes.

Health Department and State Vector Borne Disease Control Department (state VBCD) is also doing door to door survey. They are inspecting surroundings and are making people aware about the hazards of mosquitoes. Meanwhile, state VBCD officers and Municipal Corporation is also fining people for letting mosquitoes breed in their surroundings. Health officers are also suggesting people to see doctors if they feel any symptom of vector borne diseases.

In the meantime, patients of Zika fever are admitted to their respective district hospitals for supportive care as no effective anti-viral for the virus is found till the date. All the three patients are under doctor’s surveillance.
Notably, Zika virus is highly infectious diseases caused by mainly through mosquitoes bite. Pregnant women need to be safe from mosquitoes bite as they may carry Zika virus which results into smaller head of new born infant.
In maximum cases it has no symptoms but when present it’s symptoms are red eyes, mild fever, red rashes and joint pain etc.
Sources informed that Union Health Ministry has sent a team of experts to study the cases and report the matter.
If needed then adequate help would be provided to MP to help in combating with vector borne disease.