Tourism Deptt to identify unexplored adventure sites

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Nov 2018 11:30:26


Staff Reporter,

Madhya Pradesh Tourism has started to look out to map potential adventure sites in State which can be promoted to bring in international tourist and adventure lovers.  Adventure includes trekking and water riding activities which will be given main emphasis. Unfortunately when it comes to state capital in spite of having potential only few adventure sites have been explored yet which includes zip line sport in Kerwa , trekking in Kathotia etc.

As per sources from tourism department Adventure next 2018 is all set to be organized on December 4 and 5 which will focus mainly on advancing trekking and water adventures in water bodies in the State which also includes state capital.
Water rides boating activities have been introduced in many areas, Hathaikheda is the latest one to add with. Adventure lovers have said that rock heritage sites can play a vital role in bringing in more tourist and if proper exposure is given to it by clubbing it with some kind of adventure sports more influx of tourist can be expected .

Adventure NEXT helps put emerging destinations on the adventure map.  Countries or regions that want to position themselves as attractive for their natural or cultural resources or unique activities may host an Adventure NEXT, which will offer local suppliers the chance to present themselves to international buyers and media through a large Tour Operator Market place and also by hosting adventure trips.

The delegates will also be enjoying adventure trips and sightseeing in city .Adventure NEXT also has keynote speakers and workshops designed especially for regional issues and delegates looking to professionalize and expand their adventure product offerings.