Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Nov 2018 12:15:24










THE Indian Government’s various measures to improve the ease of doing business over the last four years are not only paying dividends to the country but also attracting international interest, with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) regularly upgrading the country’s standing. The latest World Bank report shows how since 2014 India has kept on improving its ranking on parameters of ease of doing business. When the Modi Government took over India stood at a poor 142nd rank among 192 nations. Since then the steps the Government took to reduce governance and improve the environment for doing business has seen the country jumping 23 places from last year’s 100th ranking to this year’s 77th. This clearly shows that the policy measures that the Government took to make the atmosphere investment-friendly are receiving world-wide accolades and changing international investors’ perception. The latest World Bank report states that India has improved its rank on six out of ten parameters. This means it is still work in progress.




THE decision of Maharashtra Government to bring a stringent law to curb adulteration of food items is welcome. Since many other states have already changed the law to prescribe life term to adulterators of food items and have received consent of the President of India, it is only logical that Maharashtra too should incorporate similar changes in the Prevention of Food Adulteration (Maharashtra Amendment) Act, 1969. That will give more teeth to the enforcing authorities to deal with offenders with a heavy hand. Since the measure is in public interest there should be no political hindrance in getting the new legal provision passed. Such stringency of punishment is a necessity in view of the fact that those indulging in the heinous crime of playing with the lives of the people deserve no mercy or leniency from the law enforcing authority. On the contrary those indulging in such anti-social activity and have no concern for human lives, blinded as they are by profit motive, need to be ostracised by the society.