Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Nov 2018 10:56:52

T HE prediction by experts a few years ago are beginning to come true that a day would not be far off when Pakistan would be a bloodied victim of the ghost of terrorism it has nurtured all along. The happenings on countless occasions in the past some time are a good enough proof that Pakistan will find itself more and more incapable of tackling the menace. The terror strike on the Chinese Consulate in Karachi and a near simultaneous attack in a busy marketplace in Peshawar on the same day show clearly that Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan’s hands will be full in coming times.

The strike on the Chinese Consulate has been claimed by the Baloch Liberation Army, an outlawed organisation fighting for freedom of Balochistan from Pakistan. The attack could have been a major one had the guards at the Consulate not been able to eliminate the terrorists before they could enter the premises. But the very fact that the Baloch attackers chose the Chinese Consulate proves that the movement would start attracting international attention in a bigger measure from now on. It is also obvious that one more terror outfit will keep Pakistani Government on tenter hooks all along.

The strike in Peshawar’s market has claimed as many as 32 lives, making it necessary for Pakistani Government to think hard about the ways to control things. No matter all that, it is clear that Pakistan will continue to suffer from terror strikes under whatever name. When Pakistan’s hand in sponsorship of terror got to be known by the world, experts had predicted that one day, terrorism would destroy the country. The Pakistani rulers never paid any attention to that sane word of caution. They are paying for that act of deliberate omission years ago.

Mr. Imran Khan had not expected things to go bad in such a short time after he took over the reins of the Government. He has completed what he termed as a successful trip to China during which he got a Chinese promise of big financial help. Before his words faded out, the terror strike at the Chinese Consulate came, sounding a serious warning that things would keep going the wrong way for Mr. Khan. China, of course, has asked Pakistani authorities to grant a better protection to the Chinese diplomatic and other establishments in the country. If he is wise enough, Mr. Imran Khan will take this Chinese request almost as a warning. For, very rarely has China faced terror strikes in its own land and outside. Naturally, the Karachi strike has hurt its sense of security and dignity. The failure of the Pakistan’s internal security apparatus to grant proper protection to Chinese establishments might not hurt Pakistan-China relations since long-range goals are involved in the bilateral ties. Yet, for Pakistan, the Karachi strike may keep haunting its idea of friendly relations. all right.

Considering all these aspects of its internal situation, it is not going to be easy for Pakistan to keep terror under check. Let alone the reported involvement of Baloch terrorists, Pakistan appears to be in real trouble on account of other outfits it has sponsored for years as a tool of its foreign policy management. That tool has often bothered the Pakistani authorities for long. But from now on, as the available signs suggest, things are going to get worse for Islamabad in times to come. Let alone his assertions, Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan appears headed for really bad times indicating his failure to control domestic trouble.