Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Nov 2018 14:23:53











ON completion of 50th episode of his monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi made his stance very clear on undertaking regular dialogue with the populace of the country. As rightly said by him, the programme aimed, not at projecting political gain or patting the back of the Government on its achievements, but to address the grievances, aspirations of the people. And he has been successful in keeping politics out of the discourse of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Despite the easy availability of the social media and television, the Prime Minister chose the medium of Radio, having a huge countrywide reach. For any other political leader such a medium could have been tempting to use it for personal projection or carry party or Government propaganda. But the Prime Minister simply wanted to establish communion with the people of the country and not political nitty-gritty. Mr. Modi is the only Prime Minister to establish dialogue with the country’s population on a regular basis in this way. That is the gain as the PM is flooded with suggestions and expectations.



THE words of Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba are reassuring that the country’s coastline has become almost impregnable, ruling out any possibility of a surprise terror strike. The 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai ten years ago, launched from Karachi, Pakistan, was a great surprise and shock for the country and the security forces. The manner in which the attack was launched, the vulnerabilities of the coastal security were thoroughly exposed. That a handful of well-armed, well-trained and logistically well supported from their base in Pakistan, held the metropolis hostage, was a nightmare for the people of Mumbai and a disaster for the security gamut. The entire security set-up was rudely shaken by that well planned attack. Since then things have drastically changed for the better. As Admiral Lanba assures, the Indian Navy has put in place a multilayer security system which has almost become impregnable. Since then the country is better prepared and better organised. Now the country is in safe hands.