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By resmi umesh,

Today what is taught in school and what is required outside is different. Industries demand the lessons for life. To prepare the children for life is our motto … developing life skills is more important as compared to fill the brain with academic information. Further these information received should be applied in real life situations.
How the teacher can develop and how the institution play the role for the development is a major concern. Proper co ordination between the two ensure sincerity, devotion and attachment towards the school. Collaboration and network help the teacher to share and give ideas corresponding to various subjects and other areas of

Proper Professional Developement Plan

Recruitment is only the first step. Today, in this world of technology, it’s very difficult to catch the attention of the young minds. It is important for a leader to create a conducive environment for the professional growth does happen.
Some areas of professional development
l Assessment and evaluation
l Various techniques of teaching
l Curriculum building
l Guidance and counseling
l Action research
l Developing lesson plans with interesting activities
Teacher is made by choice or by chance. To develop the various categories of teachers demand the enhancement of skills and clear understanding of students. A teacher should professionally evolve to identify the strength and weakness of her students and guide them accordingly. It requires a step by step professional development and planning for the organisation. A proper action plan for development encourages and bring enthusiasm and efficiency among the learners. The aim of all development program should be to mould the teacher to be a life long learner.

Regular Workshops

Workshops are brainstorming sessions and very effective if the learnings are implemented properly in the curriculum. Seminars/workshops provide a platform and it help to apply in the regular teaching. It is important to understand the topic wise requirement by taking continuous feedback from teachers. Analysing the feedback help administration to find the need of various subjects to the audience.

As we know, travel open a world of learning. An educational tour help to widen the understanding and help to collaborate with other teams. Visits to industries and the model schools help the teachers to collaborate and share their ideas. It is the responsibility of the administration to transform the good teachers to best teachers by sending them to external workshops/programme. Finding out leadership quality and various skills of the teacher and developing the teacher as resource person for others will benefit the institution as whole.

Professional devpt inside school

There is no perfection in teaching. It’s all about day to day innovation and application. As students observe the teachers and learn, It’s important for a teacher to learn from observing others. Newcomers are greatly benefited from seniors by observing their classes. Observing the class of experienced and skilled teachers improve the confidence of young teacher and help them to face the class with confidence. Moreover the lessons of newcomers can be observed by the experienced teachers and can give good suggestions for improvement. It increases the mutual respect and develop teamwork.

Learning network
Like the famous quote ‘Let noble thought come from all side’ , its important for a teacher to search the input for professional growth from all sides. More than stereotypic teaching, effective implementation of network among the teachers strengthen the bond of the teaching fraternity and gives more confidence especially for the new teachers. Educational tools and technologies provide a better platform to share and give the ideas. Professional learning networks are many in national and international levels. For example, British council has very good programs and open forums where teachers can actively involve in discussions. Such programs help to create lessons, learning tools and lesson plans . There are many such learning communities. Webinars, global education conference, EDWEB.NET, TED-Ed are such learning communities.A Teacher has to be a continuous learner and keep the spirit of a curious child within.Exploring the various resources help the teachers to share the ideas and further create the knowledge for better applications.

Innovation in teaching
A creative lesson plan with innovative activities is to be prepared by the teacher and it should be demonstrated in the staff meetings. It help other teachers to ponder over the subject and come with more creative ideas. Such experiential and thought provoking sessions will help the entire teaching community to channelise their energy towards the better growth of the institution. Thus we can make a learning and vibrant teaching community.

Awards and motivation
Appreciation and recognition will only motivate the teachers. To bring out the best in the teacher, we should understand that motivation is the best tonic for the mind. Awards and rewards, increments and good salary package are essential. Teaching is becoming tedious day by day with lot of expectation from all corners. A better understanding of the skill, talent, nature, and physical wellness of the teacher is essential as they are the most important in the school who are directly associated with every student. Happy teachers will create happy students. An emotionally intelligent leader and teachers increases the happy quotient of the school.

Self appraisal and performance report

Self appraisal and performance report are essential to review and assess the work. Freedom of speech should be a policy of the school. Feedback surveys and open forums in staff meetings create healthy interactive session which will benefit in improvisation and swot analysis of the existing system. Leadership issues can be a part of problem for the leader to introspect and take proper decisions.

Staff clubs
A teacher is expected to be a multitasker. Recreation activities will refresh the teacher to be more active and contribute better for the system. Staff clubs help to showcase the talent of the teachers in front of the team. It will help them to understand each other better and have a proper understanding and co ordination. This helps to reduce the gap between the leadership and teachers.

Exit interviews
Confidential exit interviews to be conducted to understand the existing policies. Further it will help for the correction and revision of existing policies wherever required.
Proper feedback and effective communication will reduce the gap and improve the system. It will provide a happy environment in which teacher will have a long term association. Happy teachers create happy schools.
(The author is HM, Primary, Saraswati Vidyalaya and can be contacted at [email protected])