Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Nov 2018 14:20:51

US PRESIDENT Mr. Donald Trump is right when he says that in spite of his country giving 1.3 billion dollars in military aid every year Pakistan is doing nothing to combat terrorism on its soil. On the contrary Pakistan had provided refuge to terrorist Osama bin Laden within its own territory. Expressing solidarity with Indian people on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of terror attack engineered from Pakistan on Mumbai, Mr. Trump has very rightly condemned Pakistan for giving shelter to terrorist groups sanctioned by the United Nations. But then that is the pattern Pakistan is following in nurturing terrorism as a policy tool to be used against its neighbours like India and Afghanistan. Despite being nearly isolated by almost all countries in the world for being sponsor of terrorism, Pakistan continues to nurture terrorist groups. India has been successfully fighting waves of terrorist attacks on daily basis for the past many years. But Pakistan is relentless in its steadfast support to terrorism because such a low cost proxy war against its neighbours suits its purpose.



WHEN the seniormost player of a team talks of bias and ill-treatment from administrators and coach, the deep malaise of ego-fight just cannot be missed. Mithali Raj’s outburst against CoA member Diana Edulji and coach Ramesh Powar after her controversial benching in the World T20 semi-final can have massive ramifications on the Indian women’s cricket team. Raj was inexplicably dropped in the crucial semis against England which India lost in a humiliating manner. While there were palpable differences on the decision between her and captain Harmanpreet Kaur, the charges made by Raj against the coach adds a dangerous dimension to the entire episode. More perturbing was Edulji’s support to Kaur’s decision. An administrator has no business to meddle into team selection. In a way, Edulji’s bias cannot be ruled out. The way forward is to bring all parties to the table and bury the hatchet. Raj’s services are still needed and she deserves respect from all.