Surejewala attacks Govt on Krishi Karman Award

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Nov 2018 12:46:49


Staff Reporter,

CONGRESS leader Randeep Singh Surejewala alleged that Shivraj Government won Krishi Karman Award on the basis of tampered figures of agriculture production. Addressing the press conference, he said that Shivraj Government has been winning Krishi Karman award since UPA Government was in power. Recently, he went through the documents on the basis of which Madhya Pradesh Government won Krishi Karman Award in a row. He also took the help of experts to study the documents.

During this, he found that figures of agriculture production fudged. He claimed that less production of past years is depicted to present higher growth in agriculture production to win Krishi Karman award. When asked that why then UPA Government could not catch this, he said that on coming of Congress Government in centre, necessary action would be taken in the case. Moreover, he cited recently released report of Modi

Government on agriculture census claiming that the number of farmers has increased in Madhya Pradesh but cultivation area has decreased simultaneously. Number of SC farmers has decreased by 36 per cent. Moreover, number of farmers in agriculture on less than 1 hectare has increased in significant manner. Marginal farmers have increased by 24 per cent and 23 per cent big cultivation area got reduced into small area. The number of ST farmers were reduced by 26 per cent.

On the occasion, Congress Media In-charge Shobha Ojha, Congress National Spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi and others were also present.