Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Nov 2018 12:47:25












PAKISTAN’s Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan’s remark that dialogue with India can resume only after Mr. Narendra Modi is defeated and Navjyot Singh Siddhu becomes the Prime Minister, post-2019 elections, is a needless attempt to poke nose in India’s internal affairs. Mr. Imran Khan still appears to be living in the world of cricket’s frailties and not as the head of the Government. Otherwise he would not have indulged in this kind of chirlish wishful thinking. By making such a remark Mr. Imran Khan has only exhibited his flippancy about the nicety and decency that involves diplomacy. About resumption of dialogue with his country, Mr. Khan first needs to look within. Dialogue cannot take place at the point of gun which Pakistan is constantly using to browbeat India into submission. Mr. Khan should not forget that Pakistan is no match for India in terms of economic strength and military superiority. As far as choice of leader is concerned, it is entirely the discretion of the people of India.People of India have shown enough maturity in this regard and need no sermons.




THE most prominent aspect in India’s thumping 5-0 victory over South Africa in the Men’s Hockey World Cup on Wednesday was having right men at right place. It was a marked change in strategy and approach employed by coach Harendra Singh. The move paid off handsomely as Akashdeep Singh, withdrawn from the forward duties to become a playmaker, stood out with his own game as well as a feeder to the strikers. This approach will hold India in line to have a serious go at the elusive trophy that was last lifted by Ajitpal Singh in 1975. India have made a bright start but the quality of their opponent does not allow them to bask in the opening glory. Despite their occasional good show, South Africa are still a weak side. India’s real test begins from now on when the best in the game will be ready to cross swords. It is as much a mental battle as it is a fight of skills for the Indians. There is now no place for slip-ups in a cohesive strategy or a mental block in the dying minutes of the game. India must overcome these perennial irritants to cash in on the start.