‘Some Opposition leaders are lying machines, fire off lies like AK-47’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Nov 2018 08:58:34



PRIME Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday while Opposition parties were joining hands to protect their ruling dynasties, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worked to change the country’s destiny, as he dubbed some rivals as “lying machines who fire off lies like AK-47”.
Modi asked BJP workers not to be concerned with the alliance of Opposition parties, saying people do not accept them and even “hate” them for their negative works, refusal to recognise the country’s good works and “abuses and insults” for the Army.

Though the Prime Minister did not name any rival, the BJP has been taking on Congress President Rahul Gandhi for his alleged lies to describe the Rafale deal as a scam. The party has also often accused Gandhi of insulting the country and the Army.  Modi’s comments targeting the alliance of Opposition parties came after a BJP worker sought his response during a video interaction on the coming together of “anti-national” forces like the Communists and Congress whenever he takes a step to “protect” Indian values.Responding to another question in the interaction with party workers of five Lok Sabha constituencies, he accused the Opposition of telling lies against his Government and said people now had many means to find correct information.

“Some leaders are like lying machines. Whenever they open their mouths, they fire off lies like AK 47,” he said, asking BJP workers to unmask their lies by taking correct information to the masses.  Modi made a reference to a WhatsApp post in which, he said, media persons found that people attending a recent Opposition’s protests had little idea about the reasons for which they were raising slogans against him. They became a laughing stock, he said.

Some Opposition leaders give many different figures in a day, Modi said in an apparent reference to different figures cited by Gandhi on the Rafale issue.