Parking, balconies, stair-case free from FSI in new TOD plan

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Nov 2018 09:28:03


Special Correspondent,

Diwali gift from State Govt to Nagpurians

IN A Diwali gift to Nagpur, the Maharashtra Government has amended the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) policy to make it more people-friendly. The amendment will allow builders and developers to construct open balconies, parking, double height terrace and stair-cases without including it in to Floor Space Index (FSI).

The State Government had recently relaxed critical conditions of TOD policy announced on June 9, 2017 in the Nagpur Metro Rail Corridor (NMRC). Builders, architects and developers had opposed the earlier policy as it was not fit with the conditions prevailing in Nagpur.
The amendment to the policy will bring a major relief to the citizens, who needed balconies for installing coolers during Nagpur’s scorching summer.

The Government has declared Nagpur Metro Rail Corridor (NMRC) area falling within 500 mts distance on either side of Nagpur Metro Rail measured from its central line and also includes the area falling within 500 mts distance from the longitudinal end of the last metro railway station. This regulation will also applicable for all the planning authorities from where the metro rail is passing.
The amended policy will not include double height terraces upto 20 percent, 15 percent open balconies, lift wells with machine rooms, refuse areas, voids, service floor, entrance lobbies and lobbies of the building in FSI.

In addition, 15 percent additional FSI would be allowed on payment of premium. However, Government will not allow Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) on the plots within NMRC area irrespective of its location in congested or non-congested areas as per sanctioned Development Plan.

The new policy also relaxed the condition of side and rear margins having 12 meter margin. As per amendment, if clear minimum marginal distance is proposed from one side as per Development Control Rules (DCR), then other side marginal distance may be relaxed upto 50 percent. The front margin relaxation to allow additional FSI may be granted subject to condition that the minimum road width shall be 12 mt and above.

In case of semi-detached construction as per principal DCR, common wall constructed is allowed and marginal distance shall be provided for other side as per regulations. However, Government will not allow projection in one side marginal spaces. These marginal spaces remain free from all the encumbrances for the movement of fire tenders. However, open balconies may be allowed in the marginal spaces, after leaving minimum 3 mt distance from the plot boundaries and NOC from the Fire Department.

The government also allowed ramp after leaving 6 mt clear margin. However, such ramp may be allowed inside margin where relaxation is to granted as per provisions of DCR.
The government has allowed these regulations to all the buildings including newly proposed buildings as well as old buildings for utilisation of FSI under TOD. The government also relaxed size of tenement in redevelopment scheme. The builders and developers may revise their building plan to avail these benefits over which construction is started and for which occupancy certificate is not granted. The State Government is trying to increase the density of population along the Metro Rail corridors to increase its ridership.

Additional Floor Space Index (FSI) will pave way for development and redevelopment of buildings within 500 meter distance of Nagpur Metro Rail corridor. Around Rs 10,000 crore revenue is likely to be generated from this additional FSI in next 20 years.

Out of this, 50 per cent amount will be given to Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) while remaining amount will be given to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). Maha Metro is laying metro rail from Automotive to MIHAN and Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar area admeasuring total length 43 kms.