T1 tigress consigned to flames, celebration erupts in Ralegaon

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Nov 2018 09:39:27


Special Correspondent,

After performing post-mortem, mortal remains of T1 tigress were consigned to flames at Gorewada Rescue Centre on Saturday even as affected villagers celebrated her killing by bursting firecrackers. During night operation on Friday night, Asghar Ali, son of Nawab Shafath Ali Khan, a sharp shooter, fired a shot at the tigress charging at the team in self-defence and killed the beast on Baroti-Warud-Ralegaon Road around 11.30 pm.

Forestmen performed panchnaama till morning and then staff of Forest Department brought the carcass to Gorewada Rescue Centre. The post-mortem got delayed due to not getting panchnaama report and completing technical aspects. A team of veterinarians including B M Kadu, Shirish Upadhye, Ajay Poharkar and P M Sonkusre performed post-mortem for over three hours. As per the norms of National Tiger Conservation Authority, a team consisting of J P Tripathi, Hemant Kamdi and Milind Parvakkam was present. The doctors found tranquilising dart embedded in the hind leg and bullet shot wound at the lung. They also collected samples for analysis.

Later, the carcass was burnt in the premises of the centre in front of Ravikiran Gowekar, Field Director, Pench Tiger Reserve, Nandkishor Kale, Divisional Manager, FDCM, and others.

Meanwhile, the villagers from 22 affected villages in Pandharkawda and Ralegaon tehsils of Yavatmal district heaved a sigh of relief when they learnt about killing of the menacing tigress in the morning. Some of them even celebrated by bursting firecrackers. They were pulling on life with a sense of insecurity since the tigress in the first incident killed Sonabai Waman Bhosale (60), a resident of Borati on June 1, 2016. The beast then attacked and
killed 12 more persons till August last. The tigress was shot dead near Borati village, where first case of tigress killing had occurred.

When contacted Pravin Kokate, Chairman of Ralegaon Panchayat Samiti, said that the villagers got some relief after shooting the problem tigress that had created havoc at different places.  They also suffered losses as their agricultural production dwindled by 60 per cent due to terror by T1 tigress.  The villagers now want that the department should capture her two cubs of ten months old at earliest possible as well T2 tiger moving in the area, Kokate added.