Bhopal Collector Khade bans hookah lounges in city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Nov 2018 11:21:29


Staff Reporter,

Collector has ordered ban on hookah lounges and directed for prohibition of hookah and supply of intoxicants to children below 18 years. He has also directed Police, Health, Excise Departments and other sub-ordinates to strictly follow COPTA Act

KEEPING health of youths in mind and to protect them from addiction, Bhopal Collector Sudham Khade has decided to ban hookah lounges in city. The order will be in effect for two months. Collector Sudham Khade took this decision after going through reports that there are hookah lounges were apart from tobacco, other addictive things such as alcohol is also served. There were reports that youths of 18 years or below 18 years were visiting these hookah lounges and getting addicted. Reports also said that smoke at hookah lounges pose a serious health hazard as it contains nicotine which reduces oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

Collector Khade said that Additional Superintendent of Police wrote him a letter informing that various hookah lounges are run in the State capital. They offer tobacco and other intoxicating flavoured things to youth. Moreover, youth are also getting attracted to this. The ASP also said that many children used to lie to their parents for money and to fulfill their addiction.

Meanwhile, Dr Sudhir Jesani, Chief Medical and Health Officer, wrote a letter to the Collector telling him about how injurious hookah lounges are. He told that hookah and other intoxicating smokes hinders mental and physical growth as it contains nicotine. Nicotine is very hazardous and makes human body addicted to it.
Also carbon monooxide mixes in blood and decreases its oxygen carrying capacity. While tar a sticky black residue gets collected in lungs and weakens its functioning.

Dr Jesani added that hookah and tobacco smoke can make a person suffer from asthma and other breathing ailments. It also contains carcinogenic chemical that can lead to birth of malfunctioning of limbs. Also carcinogen chemical can make smoker suffer from mouth, throat, brain, lungs, gallbladder, kidney, breast and other cancers. He said that acceding to medical science tobacco chewing and tobacco smoking can lead to various other health ailments including heart, lungs, paralysis, blindness, oral diseases, impotency and various others.

Dr Jesani appealed to Collector Khade to help youth of Bhopal and ban hookah lounges otherwise this could lead the State capital to a dangerous level. Meanwhile, Manish Khare, Assistant Commissioner Excise, also mentioned that various restaurants and hookah lounges are illegally serving liquor and tobacco with food. He said that the Excise Department has mentioned this several times. He said hookah parlors serve in dim lights and by that side they serve liquor illegally.

He added that these intoxicants are not good for health and can lead youth towards some unwanted situations therefore he requested Collector Khade to ban hookah lounges and intoxicant sell amongst young children. Listening to all the appeals, Collector Khade has ordered ban on hookah lounges and directed for prohibition of hookah and supply of intoxicants to children below 18 years. He has also directed Police Department, Health Department, Excise Department and other sub-ordinates to strictly follow COPTA Act.