It’s a different Silsila

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Nov 2018 11:27:26


By C Nishi,

All human relations go through phases. The relationships that go through a lot of ups and downs but still maintain the trust and affection are considered to be successful due to its longevity. Not all relations last long, but that short existence may give great pleasure and fulfilment, which happens many a times in friendships. However, when the relationship between a couple is discussed, it instantanly comes under microscope, every action is judged as right or wrong, a person is tagged as ‘one at fault’ if things aren’t going right. This pressure of expectations within and from outside of the relationship makes it hard to stay together.

For married couples even if things are right, chemistry is sometimes difficult to maintain. Many perfect couples exist, but do they last forever? Silsila... Badalte Rishton Ka is a story of one such perfect couple. Kunal and Mauli are sailing happily through steady waters and enjoying the journey when suddenly a small familiar current rocks their boat. Both work hard to steady the boat, but Kunal finds it difficult to stay on course. His drift tears him apart emotionally.

Shakti Arora playing Kunal and Aditi Sharma playing Mauli recently visited Nagpur to meet their fans. “We decided to specially visit Nagpur because we know there are many fans who watch our show and have faith in us and have made the show a big success. We hope that the support will continue in future irrespective of the twists and turns that might happen on the show,” said Shakti Arora.

Talking about her role Aditi Sharma said, “Silsila... is a story of social taboo which is not talked about but it does exist in reality in the society. The show in no way promotes extra-marital affair and should be treated for entertainment purpose only. Constant adulation showered on us by our fans made this project really enjoyable. Working with a good team is an excellent experience, that I will cherish for a long time,” she further added.

“Playing out these emotional challenges every day on screen for my fans is really a satisfying and rewarding experience and really worth the effort and time,” Shakti Arora added.

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