Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Nov 2018 11:40:17










THE worsening air quality that smothers the national capital, especially during winters, is a tricky issue with no concrete solution at hand. The sound and noise pollution is product of a lot many factors including unabated production of vehicles and lack of effective quality control measures. Putting the entire blame on firecrackers used during Diwali for deteriorating air quality in New Delhi is preposterous. For, use of firecrackers is rooted in religious rituals and has its own spiritual importance. Those who understand the significance of rituals would know that firecrackers are designed in accordance with rituals. Diwali may be one of the factors causing dent in air quality but a part of religious faith and rituals cannot be discarded like this. In this context, the Supreme Court’s ruling restricting bursting of crackers to just two hours is a piecemeal solution. Real culprits are the industries, massive number of vehicles, and burning stubbles in farms. These issues demand immediate priority from common man as well as the apex court.




UNION Minister Mrs. Maneka Gandhi and other animal rights enthusiasts are heaping all blame on those who killed the problem tigress and are threatening to take legal course to question the so called cold-blooded “murder” of the animal. While expressing concern over the rights of the tigress, these enthusiasts have turned a blind eye to the human rights that have been trampled upon by the beast. They ignored the fact that for the last many months the tigress had menaced the lives of the people living nearby Yavatmal jungles, taking a toll of 13 human lives and killing innumerable number of livestock, besides turning the lives of the people into a nightmare. The villagers celebrated the killing of the tigress by bursting crackers. The authorities of forest department, who otherwise zealously guard their charge and the wildlife, had to opt for this last option and that too after the highest court of the land gave a go ahead either to tranquilise or kill the beast. The tigress did not leave much choice for the forest department.