Shakti Squad to keep an eye on eve-teasers in city markets

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Nov 2018 11:07:54


Staff Reporter,

IT IS normally observed that during festival occasions, markets witnesses huge rush of people and during this time, eve-teasing incidents are reported by leaps and bounds. To tackle the menace posed down by miscreants and eve-teasers, Shakti squad has been deployed in markets.

The members of Shakti squad are keeping close watch on market place and determined to take strict action against eve teasers and miscreants to provide safe atmosphere to women and girls.

ASP Rashmi Mishra while talking ‘The Hitavada’ that it is normally observed that during heavy rush in markets, miscreants try to touch girls inappropriately. Moreover, eve-teasers also tries to take advantage of situation of overcrowded market. Miscreants think that they can move hassle free, but this time, Police Department is not going to spare any such anti-social elements. Police Department has specially allotted 3 to 4 two wheelers to all the police stations so that cops can reach the spot promptly as riding a two wheeler from crowded places is much easier than driving four wheelers and reaching particular spot.
She added Shakti squad is also active in markets decked up for Diwali festival. Members of Shakti squad are also moving on two wheelers and they are especially trained to handle the eve-teasing incidents.

Therefore, members of Shakti Squad stay in or near the markets to reach every girl in need. They regularly interact with girls and ask if they are facing any problem or any one is troubling. Also, Shakti Squad is regularly making required announcements and are making girls aware about their safety. ASP Rashmi said that DIG Dharmendra Choudhary has strengthened the CCTV surveillance system and they are directed to keep a keen eye over the markets and other public areas. Moreover, staff members in CCTV surveillance system are regularly keeping check over the markets and the moment they witness any unwanted activity they ring a buzz to nearest available mobile cop. That particular cop immediately reaches the spot and takes prompt action against accused of eve-teasing.

A team of cops of different police stations regularly patrols over the city, takes required action against the anti-social elements.
Answering about increase or decline in cases of eve-teasing in comparison to previous years, ASP Mishra said that this year the festival of democracy that is elections and Diwali has arrived together. And due to elections, Police Department has already taken required actions over the habitual criminals.