This dwarf stands tall

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By Aasawari Shenolikar,

‘Genuinely’ is the word Shah Rukh Khan used most while interacting during the trailer launch of Zero, the next film featuring him as a vertically challenged man. ‘Genuine’ was his reaction to the questions fielded to him. While some went the ‘genuinley’ deeply philosophical way, others were ‘genuinely’ hilarious repartees, bringing forth his witty side and the ‘genuine’ laughter. In a very endearing way, he indulged the media and charmed his way into our hearts. Once again. The way only SRK can do!

SRK, while commenting on Zero, the title of the film said, “Zero for most of us means zilch. This is the most dreaded number we face in our lives. It points to the incompleteness of anything, and we wanted to celebrate this incompleteness. Nobody is perfect. And the concept of zero comes from there. On the flip side, let’s look at zero this way - Jiske peeche hum lag jaate hain, life bana dete hain.”
The three main protagonists around whom the story revolves - SRK, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif - are imperfect. Anushka plays a scientist who has cerebral palsy and is bound to a wheelchair, Katrina Kaif plays herself, an actor who is deficient on the emotional front and SRK is a dwarf with big dreams.

“Love is involved in a big way in this story. All I can is that this is a different kind of love, real total love that the audience will get to see in this film,” the Badshaah of romance says. To a question of how uncomfortable it was to look up when the tall Katrina planted a kiss on his lips, he cracks up and says, “Bauna hun ya normal height ka, matlab kiss se tha - ladki ne kiss kiya and that made my day,” thus drawing laughter from the packed theatre.

At the trailer launch, SRK was very honest and open when he said that he doesn’t always feel as if he is at the top of his game. Revealing a bit of the conversation that he had had with Aamir Khan a few days ago, SRK says, “I told him I feel like a loser all the time. And I realised that he also felt the same way.” Everyone, at some point, is bogged down by insecurities and that is how life is. “Overconfidence,” he adds, “is the worst thing. I always feel that I am not good enough and to overcome this feeling I toil harder every single day.”
SRK says he will be eternally grateful to the talented Aanand Rai, director of the film for pushing the team out of their comfort zones. “People approach me and say that they want to reinvent me as they do not want the stereotyped SRK. But they necessarily do not always come up with new ideas. Aanand wanted to change all that. So he made me vertically challenged, he made Anushka who is very vivacious and bubbly, a wheelchair bound woman and Katrina ko emotionally challenged kar diya. Imagine the plight of the director who had to make sure all the time that he gets it right and that he hasn’t made a mistake by pushing us out of our comfort zones.”
For him to portray a dwarf, it wasn’t too tougho for SFX technology played a significant role in making him a physically challenged man. “The play field for Anushka was tougher as there was a chance of her overdoing the act. But hats off to the actor and the director who had placed his faith in her, she has performed incredibly.”
For Anushka it was extremely difficult to portray a woman with cerebral palsy. “I am wheelchair bound, I had to speak in a certain way. How can one emote by sitting on a chair all the time? As an actor, it was a huge challenge for me. At the same time it was a rewarding experience. So many times during the shoot I felt nervous, so many times I thought I would let the director and my costars down. But by God’s grace, it worked out well. It was a draining as well as a rewarding experience.”
As for Katrina who plays herself in the film, “The profession is the same, but not the personality. It was an incredible journey with people who have played an important part in my life.” She heaped praises on Aanand Rai who helped her cope with a different and special film.
As for the director, who has helmed very true to life films like Tanu Weds Manu, Raanjhanna, - to name a few, “Zero is about the triumph of a common man. This is the story of a man who fights himself and at the end emerges triumphant. Life is strange and during the course of this journey we tend to take people and relationships for granted. We shouldn’t be doing that, and this is what Zero subtly reflects upon.”
When someone fired a salvo at him and asked him to comment on ‘Deepika getting married, Priyanka getting married’ and what are his views, he tongue-in-cheek replied, “Arrey bhai, shaadi woh kar rahe, maze woh lutenge, bachche woh paida karenge. Mera toh yeh phase nikal gaya hai,” bringing the house down with his wittiness, that sometimes border on cattiness. But that’s true blue SRK for you!
Each film teaches you something, each story inspires you in a certain way. With Zero, Shah Rukh Khan took home many things. “I am an actor, but I am also a normal human being. Speaking for all of us, I’d say we had to live the film more than act. I learned, once again, as I learn from many of my projects that life should be lived to the fullest. Have faith in your own abilities, have faith in God, your parents, your children. Believe in the goodness and the positivity. That is what Zero taught me.”
However, he doesn’t end it on this note. “There is a dialogue in the film that we have kept under wraps,” he dimples. And then pleads with Aanand L Rai and Himanshu Sharma, the writer of the film if he can reveal it. Once he gets the green signal, he gets up, strikes his trademark pose and mouths, “Le aao
teenon Khan, yehin khada hun meri jaan.”
How tall the dwarf will stand will be revealed on December 21. Stay tuned!