Transforming Career Into Calling

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Nov 2018 11:47:33


By dr rashmin deshmukh,

Most of us really work hard to build our career and continue to do so even after a considerable part of it is structured. We persistently strive to ensure that our career is taken to scaling heights. In the entire process it is very important that our motivation to do well in the area we work ever remains high.

For this, it is essential that our career is something we crave from heart, something that our heart loves and enjoys doing. To put it precisely our career needs to be our calling. This article highlights the crucial need to choose a career close to one’s heart and also endeavours to guide on transforming a career into a calling once the career choice is done. Let us first clearly understand the terms Career and Calling.

Career is a job, occupation or a particular area you are skilled, possess a degree or have working experience. Being a Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Lecturer, Architect, Financial Analyst are the various forms of Career. Calling is simply an activity for which you get a call from inside. An activity you love to do from depth of our heart. To put it in our national language “Calling Vo hai jo dil chahata hai” and Career may or may not be something jo dil chahata ho.
Calling is simply a work for which you carry an intense will, strong desire, a positive impetus and also a sense of duty from inside. We may explain Calling as something we are fascinated and eagerly wish to work for. Further it is expected to benefit others also. Preaching religion, philosophy or spirituality, playing cricket or football, singing, social work or even wild life photography, can be best examples of calling which are also practiced as career.
So the urge to do the work and satisfaction derived after executing it both emerge from inside and give a sense of purpose and meaning to your life beyond mundane selfish benefits. It is interesting to note that the progress of career and calling differ so remarkably.

Great thinkers and writers have described the respective journey nicely. In career as time passes and you move ahead climbing the success ladders, the risk, responsibilities, pay and simultaneously the stress also grows. You do get satisfaction from position, promotion and heightened remuneration but disappointment and dissatisfaction sets in as soon as all this stops or stagnates. That means at every stage you reach somewhere but finally land nowhere. The original meaning of word career also is a race track where you move round and round reach somewhere but nowhere.

Exactly reverse of this happens in calling. As time passes you become more enriched the pressure eases, burden becomes light and work becomes a pleasurable experience. Calling bestows you an inner satisfaction. Your intrinsic worth and attributes keep growing, society at large is benefitted and ultimately calling gives you a sense of purpose in your life.

To transform your career into calling, it is ideal to choose a career that has the potential to automatically transform into a calling. It can add real value and enlightenment to your life as you march ahead. A simple choice is to do what your heart loves to and at the very formative stage you can transform your career into a calling.

Most of us land into career either by choice or by chance. If you land by choice then there are less chances of disliking your career. But today many times the career choice is situational and career is selected out of convenience, need or financial considerations.

Choosing career is becoming very difficult today. The competitive environment and wide variety of available choices make it all the more perplexing. It is very important that we correctly judge our interest and inclination before making a choice. Famed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg advises that we should make our interest our inspiration and work on it.

Mark Zuckerburg’s father was a Dentist and mother a Psychologist but he had inherent interest and ingrained abilities in computing. At 12 years of age, he developed Zuck Net. At a very young age with his pure penchant, he dropped out of Howard to focus on developing the social networking site Facebook and succeeded too.

For right choice of a career an individual’s communication with self is imperative which is very much missing these days. We have all the news of the world, but lack information from inside. We communicate on mobiles, computers, laptops, tabs, newspapers and books, but we fail to link up with ourself.

We must ask yourself- What do I love to do? What gives me heart bottom happiness and satisfaction? What is my true inner nature? What do I really desire to do with my life? We are often ignorant of our interests, likings, beliefs, qualities and abilities.

To make things further difficult external impressions like social media, aspirations and views of parents, opinions of friends, and money considerations influence our choices. We need to listen to our inner voice to make the correct career choice. My advice is choose what you are at core and become ‘what you are’.

To succeed in life you need not have a fabulous intellect, fantastic memory or a famous family background all you need is to search for the presence of ‘something special’ that resides inside each one of us. This speciality, divine novelty is the ‘value’ the ‘worthy potential’ within. All great men have identified lived and worked on this potential to achieve something no one else could.
Today the tragedy is that money and marks have gained undue importance in career and education and the inner ‘Man’ the ‘Self’ for whom everything is meant has totally gone backstage.

It is remarkable that many people who have landed in their career not by choice but by chance also have reached the pinnacle of success. Further they discovered meaning and gathered immense satisfaction from their ‘chance field’. The accomplishments of such people have also benefitted their country and even the world.
Late honourable APJ Abdul Kalam the Missile Man of India had a big dream to become an Air Force pilot, but he missed it by one position. He had finished ninth in the batch of 25 examined to select eight officers for commissioning in Indian Air Force. Yet he accepted what almighty had in offering for him and went on to become the best aerospace scientist.
We learn from his example that if you are placed in a particular career merely by chance then all you just need to do is to accept it as God’s divine plan for your bright and happy life. One needs to strongly believe that everything works according to Almighty’s plans. The ‘Blue Print’ of our life is ready up there in the heaven all ‘He’ wants is that we initiate our karmas and wonderful results are bound to follow.
If we give ample love and dedication to our career in due course of time our career is sure to reciprocate with all love, happiness, success and ultimately a good life for us. So we need to dedicate ourself to our work from the depth of our heart. We must be sincere, honest and not just perform our work mechanically but execute it with an emotional bonding. I am sure soon it will become your calling something you deeply adore.
When you keep doing something devotedly you start discovering area of your likings, areas where you can employ your abilities. Here our clever communication with our work and environment is vital. A deep thinking is very essential to determine the value and purposefulness of activities in your job.
We also need to think how our work can be of benefit to others, to the nation and the world. We need to approach our work with a creative and positive attitude and also try to prosper a positive work environment. Soon we should be able to enjoy it and achieve effortless excellence.
Do develop a quest for knowledge, question things at your work, explore the science or art you are working in and soon you will not just be a practitioner of a profession but a curious creator of knowledge.
Finding the right mentor is also important. We need to be in constant search of an able guide, who can develop scientific tempter, method of study and work, someone who can finely sharpen our perception in our occupation. This teacher may be encountered in any form so be alert and on the lookout.
A curiosity, quest for knowledge and scientific temper can do wonders. The latest example is Rajlaxmi Nandkumar who won America’s Prestigious Paul Baran Young Scholar Award. She has developed a technique with the help of which a normal smartphone can be converted into a sonar system that can track activities of human body and help in diagnosing bad effects of smartphone on human body.
So while at work, let working and simultaneous learning have no boundaries. One needs to keep alive natural learning motivation and keep satisfying it. If you have boundless communication with self and surroundings your work can give you an immeasurable joy and become a Calling in truest sense of the term.
To make this revolutionary transformation in our career we should aim for excellence, goodness, kindness, satisfaction and not for riches, position and popularity. I am sure this way one can successfully transform any career into a beautiful and satisfying calling.
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