Fancy, eco-friendly crackers take front seat this Diwali

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Nov 2018 09:33:29


Business Bureau,

THE restrictions on bursting crackers has not taken out the celebration mood of people this Diwali. On the contrary, people have become more conscious while purchasing crackers. Fancy and eco-friendly crackers, which make less noise and save environment from getting polluted, are now more in demand. Over a period of time, people have realised the importance of environment as they want to reduce air pollution, said Toshik Ghule, who runs Manish Fataka Bhandar at Somwari Quarters while talking to The Hitavada.

He said, “Although the rates have increased by 20 per cent but still people are purchasing crackers as Diwali festival comes once in a year.” For the first time, he said, “I am seeing people coming at my shop and selecting eco-friendly crackers and following the ruling of Supreme Court and Government’s restrictions. We are not temporary vendors and obtain licence from concerned department once in a year.”

“Even children, who force their parents to buy crackers, this year seem to be less interested in buying crackers which make more noise. Particularly, the demand of ‘Rassi Bomb’ is less in demand this Diwali festival,” said Ramesh Khunte having a shop at Sakkardara. He said, “Loss and profit is a cycle in the business. But, we too are citizens and should do a business which did not harm the environment.”
There are fancy crackers like ‘Pop-pop’, eco-friendly small crackers like dots (‘Tickle’) which are in heavy demand.. “The demand for Fulzari, Rassi, Anar and other fancy crackers has increased particularly from ladies,” said Ajinkya Shende, who is selling crackers on roadside at Cotton Market.

Traditional dots and its roll demand has also come down.
Krishnakant Gupta of Tirupati Fataka from Durgawati Square, who is in the fire crackers business since 1976 said, “Some retailers want to just clear their stock of big crackers and wooing customers by giving freebies on them. They have realised that the future of big crackers making more noise is bleak.”

Sources said that some vendors are moving last year stock in the market. Price of some crackers in the market quoted on Tuesday is as follows -- sparklers (Fulzari) from 9 cm to 30 cm, plain, crackling, Red and Green colours -- Rs 15 to Rs 34 for 10 pieces; Bomb pocket of 5 pieces of different sounds and size is Rs 11 to Rs 28; Small garlands (Chorsa) per packet -- Rs 28 to Rs 78; Big Garlands (Lari) with 100 crackers -- Rs 55 and garland with 5,000 crackers -- Rs 200; Rassi Bomb, one packet of 10 pieces -- Rs 60 to Rs 120; Flower Pots (Anar) per packet Rs 100 to Rs 300; its another variety (Matka) -- Rs 70 to Rs 110; Circles (Chakri) -- Rs 90 to Rs 140; Rassi in the range of Rs 40 to Rs 120; Pencil -- Rs 25 to Rs 160; Rocket packet -- Rs 90 to Rs 200; Fancy 7 shots -- 50 shots per packet -- Rs 90 to Rs 700; Fancy 3D three-piece packet -- Rs 330.

The prices of fire crackers vary from one company to another and also depends upon the market areas in the city.