Raisoni University celebrates Diwali

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Nov 2018 10:33:58


Staff Reporter,

GH Raisoni University celebrated Festival of Lights in their campus with the help of several clubs.

The members of the organisation welcomed the kids with dhol, flowers, chocolates and breakfast lunch and delicacies were provided to their accordingly 10 students along with the staff of Government Primary School, Kondhar and Ajangaon were invited for programme. The transport arrangements for pickup and drop were provided by the administrative department of the university.

Programme was carried out under the guidance of Vice Chancellor Dr Rajan Welukar and University Registrar Dr Sophia Ansari. School students were from poor family background. Students got a chance to showcase their skills and talent through competition such as drawing and painting, rangoli.

The kids made some colourful rangoli out of their individual creativity while some others were seen letting their hair down while dancing and singing. The little faces brimming with smiles brought liveliness to the programme and seem to have brought meaning to the initiative. The children displayed their mettle and hidden proficiencies feeling happy about the opportunity they were given sweets and gifts like school bags, tiffin box, and school stationery as Diwali gifts. They were shown animated children movie, played games like musical chair, passing parcel, and lighted crackers and enjoyed a lot.

Professor Ashwini Khadke, Professor Manish Baheti, Professor Sushil Girhe and all club members, students took hard efforts to make event successful. All the students and faculty members participated in celebration in university campus.