T1’s viscera sent for forensic examination

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Nov 2018 09:03:36


Special Correspondent,

Forest Department has sent ballistic and visceral organ samples to the forensic laboratory here on Tuesday, after conducting post mortem of T1 tigress at Gorewada Rescue Centre.
According to reliable sources, the post mortem report mentions the cause of the death of tigress due to “bullet injuring lungs” and “cardio-respiratory failure”. The report also mentioned that the fascia beneath darted needle was intact and it failed to pierce into the muscle which means it rested in the subcutaneous tissue.

To verify these factors, the department has sent the samples for forensic analysis, sources added.
According to some wildlife buffs, Asghar Ali Khan, son of Nawab Shafath Ali Khan, a sharp shooter shot down T1 tigress near Borati village on last Friday night and then made a show of piercing the dart in the skin. Wildlife activists also criticised the shooter for tranquilising as he claimed in the night in absence of a veterinarian in the vehicle. They charged that Asghar brutally murdered the tigress, a fact stoutly denied by Khan and forest department which insisted that NTCA guidelines were followed in toto and bullet was fired purely in self-defence.

Tiwari dubs Maneka’s stance over T1 death as ‘anti-farmer’

Social activist and Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swavlamban Mission chairman Kishor Tiwari has slammed Union Child
and Women’s welfare Minister Maneka Gandhi for criticising Maharashtra Government over the shooting of problem tigress T1. She has failed to consider plight of thousands of farmers and tribals who lived under fear for last two years after the very same problem tigress killed 13 human beings. The criticism is completely misplaced, baseless, Tiwari claimed while blaming Maneka for adopting elitistic, anti-farmer, anti-tribal position.

Fully supporting the operation undertaken by Forest department since last two years to capture the T1 tigress locally known as Avani, Tiwari claimed that carrying capacity of Pandharkawda project was over.

The department tried to tranquilise T1 for five times, but each time the tigress eluded tracking teams. This time, the forest team fired a tranquilising dart, but she charged at the team which was left with no choice but to fire at tigress, Tiwari stated while endorsing version of Forest department. He lashed out at detractors for unnecessarily twisting the facts and for metro-based activists for shedding tears over death of a tiger overlooking death of 13 human lives and thousands of terrified people due to menace of problem tigress.

Slamming NCP leader Jayant Patil for politicising the death of tigress and bracketing it with land allotted to industries, Tiwari described it as height of intellectual bankruptcy and
political opportunism. He also condemned the green activists for jumping to conclusion about shooting of tigress without even waiting for official documents.

Forest Deptt to counter ‘motivated campaign’
Irked over high-voltage anti-department propaganda started by metro-based NGOs and activists, the Forest Department has also decided to counter this motivated campaign by roping in serving and retired officers to openly come in support of the department. Taking a cue from Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar who challenged any detractor to conduct any enquiry in killing of problem tigress, the department higher-ups have informally sounded their peers to contradict the activists and create a favourable public opinion on this issue. The ongoing tirade has a potential to demoralise existing staffers of the department and hence Forest Department to adopt aggressive stance to refute any ill-founded allegation.

According to several senior retired officials, they have been requested by the top brass in Forest Department not to remain mute spectators when credibility of entire department is at stake. Under the garb of questioning T1 tranquilising/shooting case, attempts are being made to undermine conservation and protection efforts of the department, they claimed.

Pug marks of T2 tiger found in same jungle

Special Correspondent,

One of the tracker teams noticed pug-marks and pictures of T2 tiger in camera traps on Monday in the sensitive area of the jungle not far away from Borati village where T1 tigress was shot dead on Friday night last.
A press note issued by the Chief Conservator of Forest, Yavatmal, said, the team examined Impression Pressure Pads when the members found pug-marks of T2 tiger, who is also moving in the jungle of Ralegaon tehsil, as well as its pictures in camera traps. Around ten teams conducting searching operation to capture two cubs of T1 tigress failed to get any clue about presence of the cubs there.
The department clarified that it has not shifted the base camp from Sarati, where forest, FDCM officers, field staff members and others meet and plan.