Devotees worship Gowardhan, Annakoot

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Nov 2018 09:24:40


Staff Reporter,

GoWardhan and Annakoot were worshipped on the fourth day of Diwali celebrations on Thursday. On the occasion, in different temples, communities organised Gowardhan poojan, worshipped Lord Krishna and Bhagwan Annakoot as per tradition. To mark the occasion, grand Bhandara and prayers were organised by various social groups at Aashram and temples.

As per tradition, Gowardhan and cows were worshipped in different centres of the city. At Omti, members of Yadav community in the city organised Gau Poojan as Diwali Padwa Balipratipada. Members of Yadav community as per tradition worshipped Lord Krishna and worshipped idol of Gowardhan Parvat. With cowdung symbolic idol of Gowardhan was formed in courtyard of houses and worshipped by women members of the family. Prime event of the day was decoration, worshipping and playing with cattle. As per tradition, cattle were decorated with colourful patches, cow horns were decorated and with calves devotees played and offered them fodder.

Performance of folk dances mainly Aahir dance depicting devotional and religious importance of cows, shepherds and blessings of Lord Krishna on mankind were enjoyed by people. Worshipping Gowardhan also depicts deep attachment of people and the system of living and our culture, belief and tradition.

Series of programmes were organised in different temples, social and cultural organisations to celebrate the festival of Diwali in a bid to connect youth with the tradition of our country. As per tradition, Bhagwan Annakoot was worshiped as per tradition followed by Lord Krishna in the form of Gowardhan. Followed by rituals, a grand Bhandara of Maa Annapoorna Devi was also distributed as prasad amongst devotees. In this series, a grand event was organised at Maa Badi Khermai Prachin Mandir by Maa Khermai Mandir Trust. Members of the Trust offered prayers. In this worship, a grand offering of 56 Bhog was offered and later distributed amongst devotees.