Enthusiasm, zeal mark Diwali celebrations across city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Nov 2018 11:22:47


Staff Reporter,

With gleam of Diyas (earthen lamps) and echo of the chants, people across city celebrated the Festival of Lights ‘Deepawali’ with enthusiasm and religious fervour on Wednesday.

Since morning, people were busy decorating their houses with designer Rangoli and earthen lamps. They also exchanged sweets and fire-crackers with neighbours and relatives. The city had worn bridal look amid bursting crackers and colourful lights during evening hours.

However, elders began their day with prayers and house cleaning but children were enthusiastically bursting crackers since morning. People dressed themselves in best attire and enjoyed the delicious with lots of light and fireworks. Trend of sharing sweets and crackers was the common activity of each home at all the residential colonies. City markets were decked up and temples were decorated in attractive way by fresh flowers and colourful lights. Large number of people thronged major markets of the city for buying puja material like flower, idols, sticks, camphor etc.

In the evening, family members worshipped the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Some devotees also gathered at temples to seek blessings of Goddess. Households washed their homes and decorated with rangoli, colourful lights, flowers and designer candles while children seemed to be happy with their new uniforms. And girls were off course conscious towards their dress, matching ornaments and cosmetics.

However, this year Diwali witnessed wide preparations but if you speak about crackers, people do not seemed to be too much enthusiastic. Market experts said that this year sales of fireworks was lower by almost 30 per cent People usually preferred the cheap and small crackers. “Prices of various products have been raised by traders in the market but we can’t leave the festival without celebration. So we invested money for necessary things and avoided purchasing of excessive crackers and sweets this year,” said Seema Mehta, a homemaker at Arera Colony.

Market was decorated with puja material, delicious sweets, flowers, electronics, utensils, clothes, vehicles, jewellery and decorative items. Shoppers in market seemed to be excited for observing the festival with bang. Even rising prices of almost all products could not dampen the spirit of celebrates and they completed their preparation for the festival on Saturday with full zest. Most of the people preferred to buy useful things like clothes and delicious delicacies instead of crackers and decorative items.

Besides, young girls residing in city hostels were also enthusiastic for the festival and they too observed the rituals of festival with full concern. However, large number of hostel inmates left for their home town to celebrate the festival but there were some students who could not move because of their studies or some important work. One can understand the mental agony of such students who could not leave for their home town during this festival. On Sunday, dozens of hostel inmates witnessed while worshipping the Goddess and enjoying the fireworks at MP Nagar, Arera Colony, Hoshangabad Road and Kolar. “This year I celebrated the festival with my hostel friends as there is campus drive in my college. But we have observed all the rituals and decorated out room in attractive way,” said Pratima, hostel inmate at Arera Colony.

Apart from homes, temples and city squares, corners were illuminating with colourful lights and decorations for welcoming the Goddess Lakshmi. For some it was festival to please the Goddess by worshipping while for some it was festival to enjoy lots of delicious food, crackers and lights. Children were happy with fireworks and delicious sweets. They got better opportunity to enjoy lots of sweets at their homes and city corners too. For children and youngsters, the biggest excitement was to boast off about the best and most beautiful dress along with designer candles. Most of the people in city kept traditional idols of Goddess while some people worshipped the idols made up of expensive material like Gold and Silver to their homes.

The festival is one of the most celebrated occasions of India. Children were especially excited for new dresses and school holiday. Traffic and police administration was also all set to control the ruckus at market and temple areas. Policemen were deployed around market, city squares, temples and other public places to observe the activities of people. As soon as the festival began, both youngsters and elders were seen at shops while purchasing the trendy and colourful crackers. It seemed that there was competition among children to have the loudest bomb (crackers).