Migratory birds arrive early this year in city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Nov 2018 11:17:27


Staff Reporter,

Winter birds have arrived early this year. The Bhojtal is witnessing good number of migratory birds before time. Though the State capital is yet to witness chilly weather the arrival of migratory winged guest shows that weather pattern is about to change soon.

Considering this trend as a positive one, Mohammed Khaliq from Bhopal Birds says that the migratory birds stay where there is plenty of food and water availability. The presence of winter birds in Bhojtal shows that the quality of water and surplus food availability are one of the major attractions for birds in wetland.

As per the bird identification done by them compared to other birds species, common coot bird number is higher this time. Coots are omnivorous, eating mainly plant material, but also small animals, fish and eggs. They are aggressively territorial during the breeding season, but are otherwise often found in sizeable flocks on the shallow vegetated lakes they prefer. They migrate from Europe. Coots prefer which chooses Bhopal city, especially Upper Lake, as stoppage in the migration path. The migratory birds also prefers suitable atmosphere for breeding and for that they often choose the spots rich in surplus source of food.

Other birds which are seen near wetland includes northern pintail. This is a large duck, and the male’s long central tail feathers give rise to the species name. The northern pintail is a bird of open wetlands which nests on the ground, and this is one the main reason that its presence is seen near wet land marshes in city. Other bird species like black redstart and western yellow wagtail bird is also found in the areas. The migratory birds travels long distance in search of appropriate places and the migration path of birds coming from Europe, Pakistan, Afghanistan and also from China have usually preferred stay in the State capital in large numbers. The migratory birds travel mainly towards south to avoid the extreme cold conditions and when the food becomes scares in their home land. The Madhya Pradesh lies in the north south corridor of the migratory path of birds.