candid virat

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Dec 2018 11:55:46

INDIAN cricket team Captain Virat Kohli is as much known for his fiery demeanour as for his superlative batting skills. In fact both have become an indelible part of his personality. Teams all over the world seem to be advising each other not to provoke Virat Kohli; that could be costly on the field if he explodes with his batting from any provocation. The Australians seem to have taken the advice of senior South African players in this regard very seriously and are taking adequate precautions. 

The comment of Australian coach Justine Langer in this regard is rather telling. Langer said, if his players were to celebrate the manner in which Virat Kohli was celebrating the fall of Australian wickets, they would be regarded as the ‘worst blokes in the world.’ He further said that since Virat Kohli is now reigning superstar of world cricket, his manner of celebration would not be taken amiss. The Australians, while appreciating the passion that Virat Kohli exudes, appear to be in no position to take recourse to their own style of aggressive cricket now since they have got enough snubs for that, which bordered on boorishness. They have earned a bad name for themselves for their onfield behaviour in the name of aggressive cricket.

However, Virat Kohli appears to have become conscious of his own fiery behaviour. On Friday, he was his usual fiery best celebrating the fall of Australian wickets in the first Test in his own style that looked like overdoing. While talking to Ricky Pointing, the Australian great, on ‘Fox Sports,’ Virat Kohli admitted that he did not have good understanding where to draw the line. But still insisted that he did not regret them either. He, at the most, was willing to look at them as mistakes to be corrected by and by with experience.

That Virat is becoming aware of his unwarranted aggression is a good sign. That should be considered a change for the better. With maturity and the responsibility that he carries on his shoulders should make him look at things with more maturity. In this regard he has so much to learn from his illustrious predecessor Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Throughout his career Dhoni has shown a legendary coolness as leader of one of the finest and a greatly successful team in international cricket. There are lessons for Virat from the Dhoni book.

Earlier also Kohli himself had said that he had to make much effort to curb his aggressive behaviour and he is still trying to do that. He appears to be intently aware of this. But he has still not been able to draw the line, as he admitted to Ricky Ponting. That this issue came up in an interview shows how much that aspect of Virat Kohli’s personality has come into sharp focus.Yet he is a great learner and would himself correct the ‘mistakes’.