Strong Support System For IT Professionals

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Dec 2018 12:26:21


By dr s b kishor & swapnil bhagat

The other day, in one of my students wedding ceremony, I happened to meet one of my old promising students. During the conversation I just asked,” What was she doing now-a-days?” She replied, “Sir I have been travelling from one place to another because my husband has been frequently switching over his job from one software industry to the other for better job prospects and in such a scenario I have predefined my responsibilities to look after and manage household work. She further said that it was her own decision to be at home and look after and manage household work.

At that very moment, I realised that she was doing actually a great role of a support system which is perhaps the need of an hour. In today’s digital era the way, a motherboard cannot perform its task properly if all other related supporting system does not perform its task properly. The life support system may supply air, water and food. Likewise a new generation is not expecting a mere life-partner but indeed looking for a support system in a life partner, who will be able to understand a job culture of partner and help to create a conducive atmosphere to help grow each other in their respective professional and personal lives.

During last two decades many Indian IT companies have made a lot of impact in global scenario and in Silicon Valley. But at the same time the best brain and large majority of India’s knowledge put their minds and careers on auto-pilot i.e. most of them are doing mechanical work rather than doing some intellectual work. One of the major challenges before the people of this profession is working in shifts, sometimes working hours start at early morning or sometimes they start at late night. Hardly anyone has respite from this work culture. IT Employees have to work unwillingly most of the times at the cost of losing relations and the loved ones.

Day-by-day life is getting so tough and so are the relations. Most of us are struggling hard to maintain the relations or to be in the relation due to our work culture. Why has it become so difficult to manage the relations these days? Why do we often hear of relationships breakup these days? Why do we see large number of divorce cases? Why all this? If we really contemplate upon this, we will certainly find the answer and of course the answer is lack of support system. But what is exactly a support system and how can it be so impactful on maintaining human relations? In real life, the support system can be defined as a network of people especially family members, who provide an individual with practical or emotional support. Unfortunately due to a lack of knowledge of the working culture of this sector many people think that these IT professionals are negligent in discharging their duties towards society especially family related events without giving a second thought that the kind of professionalism they need to maintain in discharging their duties towards company is too high.

The goal of any support system is to decrease stress and maintain the dignitary of person rather than making them feel low in the society especially in maintaining old generation’s expectations. Everyone needs a team of supporters and so you too. If you are very much unsure to build your own strong support system around you then you must follow the steps given below, l One must ask a question to themselves what kind of support system they wants from their support system and at the same time whether they wants that support from their family, friends, mentor, boss or peers.

l One must first start listing all the resources that are available and then sort out from them those resources which will help you to succeed in work.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us

what to do” – Steve Jobs
Yes, success does not lie in results, but in efforts, being the best is not so important. Doing the best is all that matters. And for doing the best, people should have a strong support system around. Family members, friends and others need to understand the situation of work culture in which a person is currently working and have to play a greater role in understanding the situation in this world of a cut-throat competition. Therefore one needs a strong support system around to understand each other’s work culture and by doing so helping each other grow in their respective careers. In short, a strong support system in the age of artificial world of social network has become a real mantra of a successful professional and personal life at present times.

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