Words of wisdom

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Dec 2018 12:52:45





Malice in your corridors, deceit at your gates
Corrode your mind, prophesy your fate
Virtues and vices refuse to share a frame
One brings triumph, the other brings shame
False vows intensify emotions
By neglecting excuses yet demanding clarification
the treacherous is the offspring of the evil
That prides itself for every upheaval
Mockers find abundant delight
In speaking blasphemy against the extremely upright
Though they know not
In the web of their own words, one day they'll be caught
Sinners take refuge in the devil's camp
Remaining deprived from the light of the lamp
Fear ceases your foot from stepping forward
Making you a certified coward
Faith is the king, myth is the servant
The forces that try to bog you down should be deemed as irrelevant
Every day is the beginning, every night is the end
The one who desires a fruitful life, his ways should he mend.











Lois Rose Mayday
BA, 1st Sem, Hislop College