Overcoming ‘short’comings

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By Aasawari Shenolikar,

A sunny room with a fantastic view. The coolest man on this planet relaxing with a hot cup of coffee. A welcome with the warmest of hug. An interaction loaded with wit and laughter, an interaction which totally engrosses you and you don’t realise where the minutes have ticked by. Shah Rukh Khan is charm personified, he makes you feel special, he is totally involved in what you are saying, his responses are to the point. In short, he is hypnotic. He has an aura that spells magic. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with The Hitavada, the ‘King Of Romance’ talks about his latest venture Zero, his journey and much more.... Excerpts from the friendly exchange that I never  wanted to end... Zero, the latest from Red Chillies starring SRK as a vertically challenged guy is the most challenging role that he has played.


“It is extremely difficult to portray a dwarf, we wanted it to look as natural as can be and hence technically it was a challenge,” says the charmer with a dimpled smile. But the real test will be on December 21, the day the movie releases, when he will have to live up to the expectation of millions, including his die- hard fans. “It will be challenging to convince people that there can be larger than life heroes, who are not perfection personified. The story is not about how great the protagonist is, it is about how great we can be in our own small world. It’s not about overcoming the ten-second barrier in 100 metres, it is about overcoming your own small issues, your own nature, and in this case, your own stature. Every time it’s not important that a hero beats up ten people, if he can beat his own mistakes, if he or she can overcome his/her own complexes, that itself is a great achievement. Heroic can be as simple as a child weak in studies performing well academically. Hope Bauaa, in Zero convinces that we are all heroes in our own lives.”

Zero, as SRK has repeatedly stated, is about celebrating incompleteness, celebrating imperfections. Where does he stand on a scale of one or ten on the ladder of perfection? The dimples appear again, “I have also repeatedly stated that I am the most imperfect guy. I am not the conventional good-looker, I do not have the perfect body, I am not a great dancer, I am not the tallest of heroes. In fact, I have a lot of infallibilities. Inspite of knowing all this, I have always tried to give my best.

And that is why it inspired me to take up the role of a person who has many khamiyans. I have always told my wife, my children that I might be a superstar, but I am not Mr. Perfect. What has worked for me is that I have strongly believed in my art and have kept trying to improve myself. My message to people, if I can do it, everyone can. The only thing is that they have to have belief in the work that they are doing. People accept you, if you accept yourself.”

Another challenge that the team faced during the shoot of Zero was that they had to have at least five takes for each scene. Did SRK, who was the receiver of a smooch by none other than Katrina Kaif, his co star in the film, take five takes or more to perfect the scene before it was canned? Time for a shy smile, and a sigh. “If a scene is shot five times, it’s not necessary that the costars are there for every reshot. Unfortunately, if once you do it together, the other four times you do it alone. For the retakes, it was probably me standing solo, puckering up my lips.”

What does he have to say about the innumerable promotional activities and the numerous trailer launches that take away from the mystique associated with a film? Many a time when the audience goes to watch a film, they feel cheated for they have already seen all the important and relevant portions in Trailer1, Trailer 2... He completely agree with it, but also has an answer to support why this is necessary.

“The stakes with any movie , or in this case with Zero are very high. I personally wanted only a song to be released and a trailer launch ten days before the release. But the distributors and the promotional team had a valid reason for not giving in to me. They told me that we are targetting the rural market too and to reach the remotest corners of our vast country, it takes more than a month. Hence all this hectic activity.”

He also apprises sheepishly that he is the pioneer of song, teasers and trailer launches. As for the ‘trailers taking away from the surprise element’, SRK says, “I think that this is one film that promises more meat than just what you have seen in the trailer. Zero has shown only one and a half aspect of a film that has five/six aspects. People like to gauge and they will probably feel that they know the story, but there is enough meat in the film to enjoy the film beyond the trailer. Some of the voiceovers that you see in the trailer are not in the film, they are in the feeling of the film.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s involvement with his film goes beyond just acting. As the movie is being produced by Red Chillies, his own banner, the pressures of succeeding at the box office is doubled. He is acutely aware of this and feels that if a film doesn’t succeed, it is extremely unfortunate for many reasons. “But the two most important reasons for me are that I feel that I have let down the hard work of 1700 people associated with the making of the film, who have worked day and night with the hope that this will strike gold, that their hard work has been seen by many. It is the fruit of their labour, and it is sad if it isn’t rewarded. Secondly, I feel that I have let down my fans, the millions who support me, who hoot for me,” smilingly adding, “ like your Nani who loved me in Fauji and would want me to do well in all my projects. There is a certain amount of personal love involved, and even though I don’t know your Nani, I will feel that I have let her down if my film doesn’t do too well. “

As for now, he is keeping his fingers crossed about Zero....
The conversation continued with SRK talking about his journey and superstardom and much more....  Watch out for more on this space