Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Dec 2018 12:20:58




ECONOMISTS at State Bank Of India (SBI) Research have issued a timely warning that farm loan waiver is the worst solution to farm distress. Such a warning comes in the wake of the impending general elections in the country when the Government may be tempted to announce some populist doles for the population like farm loan waiver. If the Government announces farm debt waiver the banking system would be drained out by over Rs. 70,000 crore.

Farm distress is a recurring phenomenon, heavily influenced by environmental and climatic changes and hence better response than periodic debt waivers should be put in place. The economists at SBI Research have instead suggested a lesser costly income support scheme which could ensure much better relief to the  distressed farming community. The emphasis, therefore, should be on raising farmers’ incomes.

Waiving off debt would end only one time burden. There is no guarantee the phenomenon would not recur. Hence it is necessary that measures are put in place to empower the farmers to meet any eventuality.



ASSURED in defence, sound in tactics, high on morale... the Indian team wore a different aura this time around in the Hockey World Cup in Odisha. The manner and method coach Harendra Singh inculcated in the team raised massive hopes of a podium finish, after 43 years.

In the end, it was a similar story -- of heartbreak. Yet again, Indian hockey lost an opportunity to assert itself in arguably one of the biggest events of the game. India’s close 1-2 loss to the Netherlands in the quarter-finals ended their quest for resurrection despite giving their best. While coach Singh has blamed poor umpiring for the loss, a lot many factors contributed to India’s ouster.

The biggest being the absence of a quickfix in face of a changed strategy. India had managed to rein in the Dutch for first two quarters and at the same time launched the aerial ball option. However, Netherlands were quick to change the tack and employ the short-pass strategy that caught India unawares. These loopholes have been the bane of Indian hockey. It came back to haunt at the wrong time.