Kirana merchants oppose amendment in Adulteration of Food Act

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Dec 2018 11:48:13


Business Bureau,

MAHARASHTRA Government has recently taken out GR wherein those who will be discovered doing adulteration in food would be penalised under the relevant sections of IPC. The traders would have to face life imprisonment. Shiv Pratap Singh, Secretary of The Nagpur Itwari Kirana Merchant’s Association in a press release said, that the move of the State Government had irked the traders and brought disappointment among them.

He said, “While making any law, Government should first see whether it will be possible or not. As a trader we think that the Food Security Act 2006, has been made under the influence of multi-national companies (MNCs). The situation of the foreign countries is not similar to that of our country. The law of other countries did not protect the interest of our traders economically and socially too. The new ruling has been imposed without any basic knowledge,” Singh alleged. He said, Adulteration of Food Act has been made to test the Indian made products on scientific standards. But the law enforced on August 8, 2011 lacks basic standards.

Grains, pulses, fruits and even grocery items based on agriculture does not meet the prescribed norms due to change in the climatic conditions. “Why traders should be penalised, when traders are purchasing these items from APMCs,” Singh wondered.

He said, why traders should face imprisonment for no fault of them. He said that the implementation of the Adulteration of Food Act lies on the onus of the Union Government. On the other hand, the responsibility of implementation has been given to the states governments. “Only Maharashtra Government has made rule of life time imprisonment. That too without taking traders into confidence which is undemocratic. We strongly oppose it,” Singh said.

Bhawarlal Jain, President The Nagpur Itwari Kirana Merchants Association has requested the State Government to rethink on the issue and roll back the amendment. “A level playing field should be there for traders where they can do their business smoothly without any fear. If the State Government do not think over it seriously, then traders will be compelled to adopt the agitational path.” He also warned that the new amendment will have adverse effect on the local trade and encourage Inspector Raj and exploit traders.

He said, The Nagpur Itwari Kirana Merchants Association has given memorandum to Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Girish Bapat, Maharashtra Minister for Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection on December 13 demanding them to give second thought on the issue and help traders to do their business.