Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Dec 2018 14:33:19



A CTOR Milo Ventimiglia is not bothered about being snubbed for an award nomination at the Golden Globes as they do not matter to him. The41-year-oldactor’shit NBC show was overlooked at the Golden Globes nomination as the series got blanked in the 2019 race. Ventimiglia, however, is not concerned about the show getting ignored.

“It’s the way that it is,” he said. He was speaking at the NewYorkCitypremiereofhis film, Second Act, where is paired opposite Jennifer Lopez. “What matters most tome is how happy my crew is filming, how satisfied our bosses are, and the conversations thatcontinuetohappenfrom the audience. That’s what mattersthemosttome.Being recognized by larger groups is great, but I don’t hang my hat on it,” the actor told Variety. “I’ve never been one to look forward to awards or nominations because I think ultimately it diminishes a lot of hard work of people that aren’t in the categories of awards, so for me, it’s like, it doesn’treallymatter.Ifsomeone walks up and says, ‘Hey I love the show, orI love your movie, orIlove your work,’ great.That’s what means the most to me,” he added.