ZHL served 46,293 people with tele-medicine facility

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Dec 2018 12:13:21


Staff Reporter,

With an aim of providing prompt medical advice and information, Ziqitza Health Care Company, in collaboration with government, started toll free health helpline number ‘104’ for general public in 2017. The company has rendered advices and gave medical advices to 46,293 people till November 2018.

Jitendra Sharma, project Head in Ziqitza Health Care Company, told ‘The Hitavada’ that company provides medical and health advice, information, counseling and redresses the complaints through toll free number ‘104’.
This service has been started with the sole motive of providing better medical advices to the common man on phone calls.

This is to avoid the risk of people taking medical advices from the non-trained chemists and random people. He added that it is observed that several illiterate and unaware people consumes medicines and opts home remedies without the advice of trained medical staff that may lead to several dreaded consequences. To avoid these Government and ZHL decided to provide prompt medical suggestions on phone call. He told that ZHL has rendered their communicative services to the 46293 calls from March 2017 to November 2018. Also company had received bogus 474453 calls. He said that company registered 1658 complaints and efforts are underway to solve them. He added that their trained paramedical staff, medical advisors and medically trained personals has rendered their tele-services and counseled as many as 3818 people, gave beneficial information to 10821 people and served medical advices to around 2990 beneficiaries. Also 42 people received suggestions those helped them in preceding the medical services of their respective patients.

He said that the company is running this service with coordination of National Rural Health Mission and other Government medical entities.  Taru Singh, Marketing Head of ZHL, said that the service was started with sole motive of providing immediate suggestion and medical help to the medically ill people. He said that all the personnel indulge in the services are qualified, skilled and well trained as per the Government defined norms. He said that their telecommunication service is different and beneficial for people as it is easy to access, provides finest medical advices by the trained medical advisors and a person and can avail multiple health service at a single phone call. The company also runs feedback call system and it is continuously upgrading their services as per the feedbacks. He added that right now they are running 12 hour services from morning 8 to evening 8 but soon they are planning to make it 24/7 service.