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By ankit kapoor,

Competitive exams like all India LAW entrance exam or BMS DU entrance exam these days have garnered a state of utmost importance and so has the preparation for them. The moment a student reaches Class 10th, one important question which haunts everyone is which stream to choose and which career to pursue. In this ultra competitive world, when a student is burdened with expectations from parents, teachers, society and expectation from self, it becomes very important for him to be very diligent and sure in terms of preparation. It is no doubt that there will be a high-stress level period because there is pressure from all directions including peer pressure. Students nowadays are sure of where they want to get in and they start working towards their career path as early as possible. However, if one is ambitious, he or she will have to handle pressure, which takes more effort than actually studying for exams.

After the rigorous Class 10th, students tend to relax and enjoy their time. This one year becomes the stepping stone for everyone. It acts like a foundation for all entrances like preparation for BMS entrance exam or all India law entrance exam. Let’s focus on different streams a student has and the preparation that undergoes for it.

A science stream student with Maths who prepares for IIT’s, or a science stream student without Maths who prepares for Medical starts his basic fundamental preparation way before, but a commerce or a humanities student starts the same thing once they enter class 12th or even after that. It does not mean that students from the latter streams are not serious about their future but the basic mindset is that 11th is for fun and frolic. On the contrary, it is the time to work on the basics which are important for any entrance examination. Another important fact is to score a good percentage which is 98% (ninety eight percent) to get into a top institution which is based on merit.

One has to be on his toes right from class 11th. For International Education SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) students start preparing from standard 11th, so not only class 11th allows you to utilize your time at an optimum level but also acts as a foundation for a solid benchmark to be achieved in all the entrances. Any student gearing up for his/her entrance preparation should aim to start early and ensure more focused pedagogy. Class 11th allows a student with the following benefits:

a. Time: Many students complain that they face a problem of Time Management. It is difficult for them to cope with pressures of Class 12th. It is one of the major issues faced by students.

b. Base: One gets to enhance his/her strong points for example, higher mathematics is of prime importance with respect to entrances like DU-JAT (BMS entrance exam), IPM-IIM Indore, NPAT Narsee Monjee and Eco (Hons). Students who are not comfortable with it can work on it to improve it.

c. Focus: Every student would agree to the fact that in order to achieve success one has to focus on what he prepares and how he prepares. According to a research, it is a known fact that most of the students who appear in all India law entrance exams (CLAT or AILET) and finally get in to National Law Universities are science students.

It is evident that a science student outshines everybody when it comes to mastering the preparation or focus. It becomes a matter of serious concern when a Humanities student should have been an ideal choice for LAW as a career but most of the students to enter National Law Universities by clearing the all India law entrance exam are Science students. Commerce and Humanities are the ones who take this journey of preparation for the entrances be it BMS DU entrance exam or all India law entrance examination lightly and end up losing the chance of getting into their dream college. Courses which are crafted for Commerce and Humanities are now being considered by Science students and they pose a strong competition for the other two branch students.

Young and energetic brains adjust to analytical thinking better than the ones who are already in mould. Children today need to get into the spirit of competition early on in the stage of preparation for the entrance examinations. So, preparing young minds early on can prove extremely beneficial for them. It’s like molding clay into a shape when it’s still wet and so it stays for a longer duration. The parents need to decide whether they want their child to have fun now and struggle later when the focus shifts to board class in order to score a good percentage for a good college. Putting some level of dedication in early classes gradually decreases the pressure subsequently in your board class. It helps you master the topics asked in the aptitude test.

Another important point to start early is that a student gets ample time to revise. Studying at the 11th hour is never a fruitful exercise. It does not fetch the students much benefit, but if they make it a regular routine to prepare for a paper which is a multiple choice question based exam with a disciplined outlook, they are sure to achieve their goals. It’s always good to have a path and vision from an early age. However, one should not force oneself to achieve the desired result.

Entrances like all India law entrance exam or BMS Du entrance exam are based on Aptitude. Aptitude Test includes Verbal Ability, Quantitative Techniques, Logical Reasoning and General Awareness (Current affairs, Business Awareness and General Knowledge). We all agree that aptitude preparation is all about practice, so to start preparing for it sooner is always a better solution. Class 11th gives you ample time to focus on it. There are certain things which one can master beforehand as it gets you an edge over others. Moreover, it also helps you to utilize your time wisely as one need to focus on boards to get good marks. As an aspirant, we should know our pain points like Vocabulary. Vocabulary cannot be mastered overnight. It’s a constant effort. Calculations by using techniques like Vedic Math can be used to do faster calculations. Current Affairs are also an ongoing process and also a make or break section in any competitive examination.

“What is the right time to start preparing?” is a very subjective question. Honestly, the answer to this question varies from person to person. It changes because the learning style of every individual is different, so one should be pragmatic in one’s approach to be able to achieve what one desire. Today a student has various options available. One can choose to start preparing for these entrances as per convenience, and as a wise man once said that the right time to prepare and take action is NOW…………………!!!!!!
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(The author is Managing Director, PRATHAM Education)