Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Dec 2018 09:50:06

EVEN in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi found thousands of people attending a rally at which Yogic exercises were undertaken with much enthusiasm. And talking to them, Mr. Modi did not miss the opportunity of highlighting the role yoga can play in human life. He insisted that this Indian gift to the world should be utilised to the fullest for overall wellness of both, the individual and the society at large. His appeal met with an enthusiastic response, which could not be even imagined two years ago.

Popularising yoga the world over the certainly a long-term process. But a lot of that journey was traversed by India led by Mr. Narendra Modi is a short time of just two years. The International yoga Day is now celebrated in almost every country in the world beyond the barriers of religion. This is certainly a laudable point of success, for which India can and must pat its back. That the concept of yoga as an overall wellness science now stands accepted by the whole world, is an achievement of a unique nature.

However, in India yoga as a wellness science is yet to catch a truly popular fancy. There are increasing numbers of people taking to yoga for general well being. Yet, there are massively bigger numbers that do not follow yoga as a way of life. And that is the real point of trouble in India where medical bills are mounting as increasing numbers of people keep complaining about having been afflicted by this or that illness. In fact, most illnesses Indians largely complain about are well within the cure of yogic way of life. Yet, most people do not turn to yoga simply because there are commercial lobbies of pharmaceutical manufacturers drowning out the voice of sanity that tries to highlight yoga as a healthier way of life.

But there is no need to feel bad about this dimension of public health in India. When the world starts taking to yoga in all seriousness, India, too, will learn its lessons, albeit belatedly. True, this will not happen on its own and a lot of work will have to be done to spread awareness of yoga in India at all levels. Voluntary and non-governmental organisations are doing this work in a big way. Yet, that is not sufficient because of the massive size of the Indian society. It is in this area that the Government’s help will be needed.