Living Life, king size

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Dec 2018 12:43:56

By Aasawari Shenolikar,

He has ruled the marquee for well over twenty-five years. Needless to say he has built a solid fan following, consisting of young and old alike, over a period of time. Whether his movies are blockbusters or they sink like the Titanic at the box office without making a ripple, the magic of Shah Rukh Khan continues to mesmerise people. Best known for his intense romantic roles, SRK, often referred to as the Badshah of Bollywood, is also lovingly called the King of Romance.

When you ask him what, according to him defines romance, pat comes the response. Without a moment’s hesitation, he says, “Respect. Whatever be the relationship, spouses or lovers, parents and children or between sibling, between friends, if there is no respect, love will never find a house there.”

In the same vein, when you ask him to comment on the milestones in his well-chequered career, he, in a very unassuming manner says, “I count my journey by my kids. I and Gauri wanted to have a child. After a few initial difficulties, we had Aryan. That’s a milestone in my life. He brought hope, and for us it was ‘Chalo life yahan pahunch gayee.’ Then we’ve always wanted a girl, and we got Suhana, our beautiful daughter. When both went away to study, we felt a void and so we had AbRam. Another milestone. So milestones are these three wonderful children we have in our lives.”

SRK is one actor who is always on the go, one who doesn’t let time rule his schedule. His enthusiasm, he says rubs on the people he works with. But ask him about his low days, for everyone goes through them from time to time - does he want to shut himself off from the worldly stuff that he does, curl up on a sofa and just let time and space wash over him? The energy ka khazana actor is very emphatic when he says that he doesn’t have any low days.

“The only time I curl up on a sofa feeling miserable is when I am unwell. I love my work, but I am careful that I only work so much so that I can get free time. And this free time is totally dedicated to my family,” states the actor, who before coming to this interaction, spent quality time with AbRam, his little one, playing a video game. “I was working till 7.30 am and I wanted to snooze a little. But AbRam came up and wanted me to play with him. Now, that worked as rejuvenation vitamin for me.” SRK also plans his work schedule in such a way so that he can get to spend more time with his near and dear ones. “Main do din ka kaam ek din mein kar leta hun toh agle din mujhe chutti mil jaati hai,” he smiles.

The talk veers towards what stardom means to the actor, who is counted as one of the superstars of Bollywood. Pondering a bit, he says, “The truth about stardom or superstardom means two things that you have to work harder at - first you lose out on the freedom that a lot of people have of failure and the second is you lose out on the ability to surprise as that becomes less and less as people expect so much from you. So, work harder to surprise people and you don’t have the ability to fail is what stardom is.”

Quoting his own example to drive home the point, SRK says, “Like when people saw me in Fauji, there were many things that I did which they looked at with a lot of awe and interest. But now over a period of thirty years, they’ve taken me for granted in many respects. The minute I get into a romantic mood or croon a romantic song, they know I will raise both my hands, striking the classic pose that I am asked to do time and again. It’s like when Sachin Tendulkar would come to the crease to bat, people would say, ‘Yeh toh marega hee hundred.’ And they would be surprised if he doesn’t do that. You always have to succeed, that’s what stardom is.”

The best part about being an actor is that you live characters. “You can be someone who you are not in real life.  I am a very shy person and for me to do things that I do on screen - like roaming around in a kachha banian in Zero is something I don’t have the guts to do in real life. I can vent my emotions on screen by the different characters that I play. I can be a different person every day and that for me is super exciting.”

As for the worst part of being an actor, he shakes his head and says, “Nothing. There’s only good about my  profession.”

As for his journey till now, SRK says, “By God’s grace it has been great. I wouldn’t mind saying that it’s the great Indian dream. A lower middle class boy from Delhi, who had the degree of good education in his kitty, also harboured a dream of making it big on the big screen. I toiled, and I succeeded. My fans and well-wishers have given me a chance to continue to do the work that I am so passionate about. And I hope, they will continue to shower their love on me for the times to come. Especially for Zero, my upcoming film which has been a challenge for me and my team.”

We all know that a few of SRK’s past releases haven’t gone down too well with the audience, but SRK, like a true hero, has dusted his past debacles and with Zero, he has pushed the envelope, hoping that this will bring on a smile on everyone’s faces - the audience, the cast and crew associated with the film and of course, the distributors. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost! December 21 is the D day.