Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Dec 2018 12:01:36










THE rising cases of agitations taking form of an orgy of violence and mobocracy ruling streets in sensitive areas over religious and caste divide have been rightly red-flagged by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi when he called upon the top police brass to eliminate “dark forces of radicalisation” at the grass-root level. Mr. Modi’s meeting with Director Generals of Police (DGPs) took up the most prominent threat looming over social fabric of the country -- the divisive elements. Such forces are regularly exploiting the caste-based faultlines to trigger protests that soon spiral into a dirty dance of death on streets. By calling the security establishments to nip such anti-national elements in the bud, the Prime Minister has entrusted our forces to instill trust among all communities residing in India. Many political and non-state actors are regularly fomenting radicalisation among the young populace not only in Kashmir but also in other States. A free hand to security forces is very much needed to neutralise such contrarian forces and ensure peace.


EVEN as Mr. Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria is being termed as a betrayal of United States’ allies fighting the Islamic State militants, another US envoy has quit the global coalition fighting IS group in protest of the US withdrawal. Brett McGurk’s resignation from the global coalition further confirms the preposterousness in Mr. Trump’s annoncement that the IS stands defeated. Critics have already warned of a backlash from the ISIS that has morphed into other forms of extremism. While the US forces in alliance with Kurdish groups were largely successful in winning back large swathe of IS-ruled territory, by no means it can be said that the groups have been wiped out. The decision has allowed other actors like Russia and Turkey to hold centrestage, which critics of Mr. Trump see as a defeat of the US. The follies behind the decision have been called by security experts too who are of the view that abandoning allies in anti-IS fight would result in a grave threat to US citizens all over the world.