Source: The Hitavada      Date: 25 Dec 2018 12:22:55


What did you do?
Would be asked to you
In the after death court
Standing with dock support
Heavily lined and worn face
Eyes that told the life is race
Ears blocked by all the lie
Lips who forgot to say goodbye

What did you do?
Would be asked to you
Facing the Almighty the God
Accepting every truth and fraud
Shame dripping as sweat on head
Never realized it until stood dead
Just worked storing a heap of cash
Never lived before turning into ash

What did you do?
Would be asked to you
Doing good deeds on this earth
Will make successful this birth
Pride for possesions is of no use
Transient are things sure to lose
Non living things will surely perish
After life good deeds will be cherished

What did you do?
But this time ...
The answer would be with you
Lord bestowed me with riches
Used to save others from ditches
Money spent for good cause
Is money used well
Then death will be satisfying
And afterdeath would be heaven not hell!




Nisha B Pahuja
MBBS, 2nd year
GMC Nagpur.