Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Dec 2018 12:01:41











THE Pakistani Army and its Government appear to have gone out of their minds. So brazen and indiscriminate has been the firing on civilian populations and even on schools in Jammu and Kashmir lately that it clearly indicates decadence in Pakistani thinking. The recent firing and shelling of border villages has been so indiscriminate that the Indian authorities have ordered closure of schools to avoid any untoward incident and ensure safety of the people in those areas. While the Indian Army has been responding to such unprovoked firing with due care, Pakistan is surely asking for trouble. And if the Indian Government decides to hit back with bigger force then Pakistan can be sure of causing greater damage to itself. Even though Pakistan knows this it continues to indulge in such unprovoked and uninterrupted needling. The Indian Government and the Army have made it known that while the country will exercise adequate restraint, that should not be construed as weakness. When it comes to retaliatory action India has shown that it can respond with double force.


THE return of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the Twenty20 and One-Day teams for the upcoming series against Australia and New Zealand pretty much sends a message to young Rishabh Pant that he has not done enough to merit a place in the squad for 2019 World Cup. Dhoni has been brought back to keep him match-ready for the quadrennial showpiece to be held in England. All the talk of grooming Pant for the shorter versions thus takes a break, at least till a chance opening is made for the Delhi wicketkeeper-batsman. Pant’s batting prowess, even in the longer version, should make him an automatic choice as a back-up for Dhoni in the One-Day side. Interestingly, the selectors have opted for Dinesh Karthik as the Plan B. Dhoni is an integral factor in Team India’s scheme of things but the next series should also have been seen as a preparation for the future. Pant is the brightest prospect on offer in the present line of wicketkeeper-batsmen. It seems the attacking bat will have to bide some more time before taking full charge.