Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Dec 2018 11:46:12











SECURING borders is the first imperative for any country that has a hostile and unpredictable neighbourhood. Such neighbours with an imperious thinking can stoop to any level to carry out their nefarious designs. India is a victim of this scourge of infiltration by Pakistan-backed militants through a few sensitive areas on the Indian border. This makes it exigent for our authorities to protect the borders with a stricter vigil. In this wake, the report of the Border Security Force (BSF) ticking poor functioning of border fencing light poles along the international border in Gujarat’s Bhuj and Gandhinagar sectors is disturbing. According to the minutes of the meeting between BSF and Central Public Works Department (CPWD), only 616 border fencing light poles out of 2061 are functional thus hampering operational duties performed by the troops. This neglect can prove very costly given the unrelenting pursuit of terror groups looking to infiltrate into India. National security is of supreme importance for all agencies. The CPWD must start the rectification as top priority.



THE President of the United States Mr. Donald Trump is all alone in his White House. He is still waiting for people to join him, toe his line, take forward his policies without any grudges, and live his dream. Mr. Trump’s dream has a powerful America living in its own world, shunned from the outside world. It will have its own people, own money, own jobs, own style. Mr. Trump does not want to share his country’s wealth with anyone. Mr. Trump says, “America First” and nothing else matters. For Mr. Trump, even the climate does not matter. So he points to a day’s pleasant weather to cock a snook at the warriors on a mission to save climate. Of course for Mr. Trump the adage of ‘one swallow does not a summer make’ is a proverb only to be recited in schools. As he harps on the wall along the US-Mexico border to stop immigrants, as he keeps firing every voice of dissent and as he announces ill-conceived international policies, Mr. Trump further hurtles towards isolation -- of the United States and of course its President.