eternal vigil

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Dec 2018 12:38:51

THE National Investigating Agency (NIA) has done a great service to the nation by busting a highly radicalised group of young people who were ready with all the paraphernalia to launch lethal attacks on several locations and important personages. The amount of explosives and arms and ammunition that were seized during the raids at various places in and around Delhi, shows the sinister intent of the ten-member group. Unearthing of such a highly motivated group of young people is not a day’s work. The investigating agency must have spent several days and months in monitoring the group, keeping hawk’s eye on their moves. This success is the result of the painstaking effort of all those involved in this acutely sensitive operation. Such operations call for high degree of secrecy and eternal vigil of the targeted people. The NIA has certainly shown great degree of professionalism in taking this operation to fruition. 

That the young people were well versed with the technology to assemble even crude version of a rocket launcher, the sophistication in preparing bombs and the remote controlled trigger mechanism, shows the easy availability of such knowledge which should cause even more concern for the authorities. That several groups of extremists have the knowledge of assembling and handling such explosives is certainly a matter of grave concern for the internal security of the country.

The Mumbai attack of 2008 was orchestrated from Pakistan and was carried out by well trained Pakistani youths. In this case, however, the worrisome part is that all the arrested youths are Indians and that should be a matter of even greater worry. These youths were planning to carry out attacks on important establishments and important personalities in the name of religion. The name the group has assumed clearly indicates that they wanted to wage a war against the nation in the name of religion.

Though no allegiance to any terror group, either domestic or external, has come to the fore in their case, the possibility is that there may be some independent groups which may be similarly involved in carrying out subversive activities spread over many parts of the country. But then the external factor cannot be entirely ruled out either, given the radicalised atmosphere prevailing right now all over the world, including South Asia. The former Director General of Police of Jammu and Kashmir had recently warned that there is danger from extremist groups like Islamic State and Taliban with the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The warning has to be taken seriously.

Having been decimated in Iraq and Syria, the extremist Islamic State (IS) is seeking to explore new regions in South Asian nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh. These extremist organisations look at these countries as very fertile ground for expanding their operations. Already Afghanistan is facing the brunt of the barbarism of the IS and the Taliban. India has also seen some youths going to Syria and Iraq when the war against IS was at its peak. There are elements within the country who keep on misleading young people and motivate them to join the extremist organisations like the IS.

The arrest of the group may help the NIA and other investigating agencies to keep a track of similar groups, either operating underground or overground. While the national investigating agencies like the NIA will continue to keep eternal vigil on such groups, it is essential that the society, particularly the families, too play a proactive role in keeping their children from going astray and join hardcore terrorist elements. Hence the vigil must start from the household itself so that the children do not take a ruinous path to their own lives and jeopardise national security.