19-yr-old engineering student concocts kidnapping story, held 

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 29 Dec 2018 13:31:02


Staff Reporter,

BHOPAL police solved mysterious abduction case of an engineering student Ayush Choubey (19). Abducted youth, his sister, sister’s acquaintance and another youth was involved in concocted abduction case in which ransom of Rs 1 crore was demanded from Ayush’s parents.

Police informed that Aishbagh resident Ayush went missing while going to coaching from his home on December 12. Later, his sister Ruchika received two calls from her brother in which unknown caller had demanded ransom of Rs 1 crore to release Ayush. The unidentified caller had also threatened to kill Ayush if they informed police.

Later, unidentified accused made ransom calls on December 16, 17 and 19 respectively. Most shocking thing for police was that this unidentified caller was aware of every activity of police in the case.

Later, police kept a close watch on movement of Ayush’s family members. Police came to know that abducted youth’s sister Ruchika (23) has friendship with youth Gaurav Jain who lives in the same locality. Since last few days, Gaurav’s behaviour was also suspicious. While returning to Bhopal from Agra, Gaurav was picked up by police from railway station and interrogated. He broke down during grilling and confessed the entire story related to abduction case.

He told that apart from him, abducted youth Ayush Chaubey, his sister Ruchika and one more Atul Katolila are equally involved in the abduction case. The plan was hatched as Ruchika had to pay back her bank loan. Moreover, Ayush’s father was supposed to get share in ancestral land in Jabalpur. Through the abduction theory, accused also wanted to build pressure on family members of Ayush’s father so that they should immediately gave land share to Ayush father.

Later, Ruchika was also interrogated. She gave information that her brother Ayush and abductor Atul were in Indore. A team was sent to Indore and from there Ayush was arrested. However, Atul Katothia is still on the run.